Survival Tips For Visiting Walt Disney World in the Summertime

A trip to Walt Disney World in Florida is a dream come true for many people around the world.  It is the most visited theme park in the world with over 52 million visitors annually.  Planning for a Disney vacation is exciting and involves everyone in your family or group.  There are hundreds of resources where you can find the best places to stay, special deals on rooms and tickets, other entertainment venues around Walt Disney World, and most importantly, the best time to go.  There are high and low-crowd dates that will help with that decision, but for a lot of families and groups, summertime is their only alternative. For that reason, I would like to share some ways to “beat the heat” and have a memorable and fun-filled Disney vacation at “the most magical place on earth”, Walt Disney World.

1.  Get to the Parks Early

As the famous saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm”, so be that early bird, wake up early and either drive your car, ride a bus or monorail, or board a Ferry boat or other watercraft to whichever Disney park you plan to visit first. Be sure to reserve your Fast Passes early.  During the hottest months of summer, early morning, late afternoon, or evening hours are best to avoid the heat and humidity of a summer day in Florida.

2.  Shop-Hop

Disney World is filled with open-air shops and restaurants.  In the hottest part of the day, spend some time meandering through the shops, where the A/C is always pumping cool air and makes shopping so much more enjoyable.

3.  Shady Spots

If you’re waiting for your Fast Pass reservation, find a shady bench or other seating area and chill out while you wait. There are several restaurants that have outdoor umbrella-covered tables and chairs where you can pass the time while watching the crowds pass by.

4.  Cool Cloths

Available at sporting goods stores or online, there are many different cooling products to keep you cool.  There are cool cloths, towels, neckties, collars, and other cooling articles that will help you deal with the heat and humidity. Most of them just require dampening with water as often as necessary.

5.  Misting Spray Water

I have used these misting spray bottles on many hot, summer days, and they are such a relief from the heat. The fan blows the water as you pull the trigger and a very fine watery mist gives you just the right amount of moisture to cool you off without getting soaked.

6.  Sun Block

Bring your sunscreen product with you on your day at the parks for re-application as often as necessary.  Don’t be fooled by occasional cloudy days.  It is a proven fact that up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can pass through the clouds.


7.  Hats

Disney-themed Mickey ears are so popular, and there are many different and unique varieties and styles, but they don’t keep the sun’s rays off your scalp.  I would suggest a personalized Disney-themed ball cap or other style head covering that will keep the sun from scorching the to of your  head.  When the sun goes down, pull out your Mickey ears and wear them to your heart’s content.

8.  Indoor Rides or Attractions

During the hottest part of the day, choose the rides or attractions that are covered or inside a building. There are many to choose from, and the majority of them have covered queues with interactive games and animated scenes along the way.  Indoor stage shows are also a great way to cool off.

it's a small world

9.  Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (Magic Kingdom/Tomorrowland)

This is one of my favorite outdoor rides, especially on a hot, summer day.  Take a load off and enjoy a 10-minute ride on one of these elevated smooth-moving open-air tram cars for a bird’s eye view of Tomorrowland.  The track is covered all the way except for trips in and out of rides, attractions, and shops.  The breeze on your face as you move along is quite pleasant and provides a welcome break from the heat and the crowds.

10.  Walt Disney World Railroad(Magic Kingdom/Main Street, USA)

There is nothing better to beat the heat and humidity of a hot summer day at Walt Disney World than a ride on a vintage, restored, steam locomotive for a circle tour of the Magic Kingdom.  The open-air cars chugging along at a comfortable gait, the clickety-clack of the train’s wheels on the track, and the rocking back and forth motion are all elements that make this train ride one-of-a-kind and very enjoyable.

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11.  Water, water, and more water

During those hot summer months, guests are encouraged to drink plenty of water.  Refillable water bottles are allowed in the parks, and bottled water can be purchased in many shops and from street vendors located in all Disney theme parks.  Also, there are plenty of water fountains in all areas of the parks, so you can refill your water bottles as often as needed.

12.  Take a Dip in a Swimming Pool

One of our family’s favorite ways to circumvent the heat of the day is to return to our Hotel or Resort for a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.  Whether you are staying on or off Disney property, it helps to cool off and lower your body temperature by enjoying a relaxing swim in your guest swimming pool. You will feel revitalized, renewed, and ready to continue your day at any of the Disney theme parks or Disney Springs.

Disney's All Stars Sports Resort Pool

Summertime at Walt Disney World with hot and humid days can put a damper on an otherwise magnificent day at the theme parks.  To ease the tension of these torrid days, use simple measures like some of those suggested here.  Soothe the pangs of hot weather and replace them with the sighs of relief with a short stop in the shade, a visit to an indoor attraction,  a quick swimming break, or “ride the rails” for a refreshing tour of the Magic Kingdom.  Whatever way you choose to deal with the heat will make your Disney vacation even more memorable. Have a great and magical visit!

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