Tackling Disney Parks Without FastPasses or Dining Reservations


My family was recently surprised by unexpected crowds on our February trip.  One day in particular, we arrived at the Magic Kingdom early in the afternoon after using our FastPasses in another park.  Without any reservations or Fast Passes, we were faced with what many guests experience as the norm - huge crowds, long lines for even non-headliners, and no plan for what to do or where to eat.  Here are some tips that might help if you’re faced with a similar situation!  

Arrive Early & Hit the Headliners First!

Rope drop is your friend, and it can’t be understated, especially if you haven’t secured any FastPasses.  Even without FastPasses, you’ll breeze through several attractions first thing in the morning if you truly arrive before park opening and are through security and ready to enter the park or land of your choice when the park officially opens.  

Look for FastPasses.. Constantly!

FastPass Plus

Just because you don’t have FastPasses scheduled in advance does not mean that you can’t get them once you’re in the park.  Look for the FastPass+ Kiosks located throughout the parks, or ask a Guest Experience cast member for assistance.  The easiest option, though, is at your fingertips- the My Disney Experience app.  Check the app frequently for FastPass availability and refresh often.  As soon as you use a FastPass, you can search for your next one as soon as you tap into a ride.  Keep trying and refreshing- you’ll be surprised at what might pop up.  It’s not unheard of for FastPasses for the most popular attractions (yes, even Flights of Passage or Slinky Dog Dash) to show up if you keep refreshing the app.  

Search for Short Wait Times

My Disney Experience - Your Personal Planner For Your Disney Itinerary
My Disney Experience - Your Personal Planner For Your Disney Itinerary

Did you know that you can open the My Disney Experience app, click on the park you’re visiting, and then sort the wait times by length?  You can also view them on a map.  Rather than wandering past attractions and deciding as you go which lines are too long or worth the wait, you can take a moment in the shade to plot out your next move by viewing wait times on the other side of the park.  

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