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Online Conspiracy Theory Claims Israel Is Clearing Gaza For A Disney Theme Park

bob iger disney investor fight

Three months ago today, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, setting off a brutal war in Gaza. When the conflict started, many in Hollywood tried to chart a middle ground but quickly found being in the middle meant that both sides disagreed with you. The Walt Disney Company was one of those who charted the middle ground by donating $2 million for ...

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‘We Are All Losers.’ Josh Gad Threatened For Showing Sympathy For Israel

Josh Gad Threatened For Showing Sympathy For Israel

This weekend, the world watched in horror as Hamas invaded Israel. Thousands of Israelis, Palestinians, and nine Americans were killed in the fighting. The Israeli army and the rest of the world were taken entirely by surprise as hundreds of Israelis were taken hostage, and fierce fighting occurred in the streets of Israel. Many celebrities took to social media to ...

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