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VIDEO: The Night The Disney World Monorail Went Backwards

Disney World Monorail

On January 26, I was visiting Walt Disney World, and after spending the early evening at Magic Kingdom, I decided to hop on the monorail to catch the  EPCOT Fireworks show. We boarded Monorail Black on the express line around 8 pm that night and sped off for the Transportation and Ticket Center. But as we closed in on the ...

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Commentary: Where Are Disney World’s Mark VIII Monorails?

Disney World Monorails

The same fleet of Mark VI Monorails has been in operation at The Walt Disney World Resort for over 30 years, and unconfirmed reports state that they are about to undergo yet another refurbishment process to ensure they continue to survive on the Walt Disney World Monorail System even longer. And it is utterly ridiculous. 30 years?! That makes these ...

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