The Creations Shop Gets An Opening Date

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Calling all fans of EPCOT! This Disney World park is heading into the future with a new collection of “futuristic gear”, inspired by EPCOT’s evolution over the years, and it will be available in the Disney park’s Creations Shop. Both the Creations Shop and Club Cool open on September 15th, so Disney Guests don’t have long to wait! The image above was released by Disney in the following Tweet, and features a glimpse of the “Light” portion of the “Light and Color Collection” that’s coming out. This collection will only be available in this specific flagship store within EPCOT.

We already knew that Disney was revamping the Coca-Cola-themed Club Cool, having seen the renovations in process, and it looks like the new version of the crowd-pleaser will be even more appealing than it was before! The Imagineer team put a lot of focus into adding “fun touches that tie to EPCOT and Coca-Cola’s design legacy”. Those extra details (something that Disney often excels at) will include “custom Terrazzo” flooring that’s been studded with “pieces of green-glass classic Coke bottles” in the original Coke style.

Credit Zach Riddley Instagram

The Creations Shop also looks promising, if the art rendering that has been released is anything to go by, and Imagineer Zach Riddley revealed an original art mural that will be shown inside the store. Disney has described the Creations Shop as a location with a “bold, sleek design” and “an open, bright, welcoming environment with huge glass walls that allow sunlight to pour in and make you feel like you’re in touch with nature even while indoors”. Disney has also proclaimed that ” color, materials and light” are being used in innovative techniques to emphasize the Disney “park’s storied past” as it ascends into the future.

Credit: DisneyDining

Credit: Zach Riddley Instagram

We’re sure there will be plenty of new merchandise to go around, including the special items in the “Light and Color” Collection. Which new addition to EPCOT are you most excited about?

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