The Orlando International Airport Offers PPE Vending Machines, Could Walt Disney World Be Next?

Magic Kingdom Guest wears mask
Credit: Disney

The Orlando International Airport recently shared photos of vending machines supplying PPE that are available to travelers throughout the complex, which got us thinking…why doesn’t Walt Disney World have these?

Credit: Orlando International Airport

During the initial reopening of the Walt Disney World Resort, we did see some temporary handwashing stations set up, and to this day we’re still seeing hand sanitizing stations located around the park, but PPE vending machines (at least in out of the way areas for anyone concerned about theming) seem like a logical option.

Walt Disney World does sell their own branded face coverings, so that is surely part of the reasoning for the lack of vending machines like these, but we can’t help but wonder if it’s also just an oversight? Even when we are able to fully leave behind the COVID-19 pandemic, science has shown us that masks are useful for preventing the spread of other illnesses, too, including flus and the common cold, so why not keep quick and easy access to disposable masks around?

Credit: Disney

It seems that in “normal times” having access to a cheap, disposable mask while a cold is on its way out would only help keep other Guests from getting sick so…it seems like a good idea to me. (Right now, Cast Members are able to give out disposable masks if needed, but this varies by availability and location.)

The theming of the Walt Disney World Resort could also be to blame for the lack of such a thing, as medical masks certainly clash with the fantasy worlds we are meant to be immersed in while visiting a theme park, but perhaps if the vending machines were themed correctly to the areas they would be located in.

Credit: Orlando International Airport

If you are flying into or out of the Orlando International Airport soon, and do need to grab that extra mask or hand sanitizer, you can find these super convenient vending machines. They are located throughout the main terminal near JetBlue, Frontier, Southwest, Delta, United and American Airlines ticket counters.

Do you think disposable masks would be helpful to have in vending machines, in Walt Disney World, or busy attractions or transportation hubs in general?

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