The Top 10 Things You Won’t Want To Miss At Magic Kingdom

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If this is your first time to Florida’s Magic Kingdom or even your second or third, you will soon realize that it’s hard to know where to begin. A little planning and a must-see list can help you get the most out of your visit. With so many other parks to visit, most people plan only one day per park which means you won’t get to experience everything considering wait times at rides and attractions, but with the list below, we hope to introduce you to a few of our favorites. Included in the list are descriptions of the rides and attractions, age-appropriateness, best time of the day to visit and whether or not to cash in one of your three FastPass+ engagements.

One of the most important things to remember is that if you can arrive within the first hour the park opens, you can experience many attractions without lines – this is also true for the last hour before closing. If you get there early or stay late, you can ride more rides and visit more attractions in one hour than you could in the middle of the day.

10. 7 Dwarfs Mine Train

Feel the excitement, and enchantment as you take off on this unique ride system: swinging up and down big lifts, cruising around sharp banks hairpin turns. This exciting new addition to fantasyland is a blast!

9. Hall of Presidents

Preceded by a patriotic American History film, the audio-animatronic visit with all 44 U.S. presidents is a must-see at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Most likely to be appreciated by older audiences but it’s a great thing to make the kids watch – plus, it’s narrated by Morgan Freeman and what’s not to like about that? Shows are on the hour and half-hour and there’s rarely a line.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

Take a boat ride back in time when pirates terrorized the Caribbean. Audio animatronic pirates including Captain Jack Sparrow “yo ho ho” and swashbuckle their way into our hearts! Because of the rides high capacity, lines aren’t too long. Some little one’s may not like the darkness and gunfire which are part of the action.

7. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Now part of the New Fantasyland, Dumbo gives a magical ride to kids of all ages on two spinners which thankfully shortens wait times considerably. Now including new lighting, the iconic ride is even more fantastic at night. Take a ride right now by watching the video below.

6. Splash Mountain

The Magic Kingdom’s log flume ride featuring a story from Song of the South film and concludes with an enormous drop into the briar patch. In addition to the ride, guests are entertained by audio animatronics scenes. Riders must be 40” or taller and the only scary thing about this ride is the final drop. For shortest wait times, visit this ride in the morning or use a FastPass+.

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5. Space Mountain

BLAST OFF through the pitch-black of outer space in this steel roller coaster. This long-time classic still satisfies thrill-seekers! Riders must be 44” or taller to participate and may scare younger kids because of the dark. Lines ban get lengthy so use a FastPass+ and schedule this in the morning or later at night.

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Climb aboard this runaway mine train coaster as it catapults riders through canyons in the old west – a long-time favorite coaster at Disney! FastPass+ isn’t necessary for this ride – just go earlier in the morning or later in the evening for short lines.


3. Main Street Electrical Parade

Onlookers are thrilled by this nighttime parade of glowing, spinning, gliding floats filled with your favorite Disney characters and dancers at Walt Disney World Resort.

2. Mickey’s PhilharMagic

A concert for eyes and ears alike, this 12-minute 3D adventure hosted by Donald Duck is sure to engage kids of all ages. No need to FastPass+ this experience. We recommend visiting when you want to cool down from the heat later in the afternoon.

1. Wishes Fireworks

The pyrotechnics choreographed to Disney music will amaze and delight you. Make sure to pick your spot to watch the show as early as possible and position yourself in front of the Princess Castle for greatest effect.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but if you can get to all of these, you’ll have had an well-rounded taste of Magic Kingdom. Enjoy!

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