Our Ultimate Animal Kingdom Checklist–13 Things You Can’t Miss

It is not very easy to pick a favorite park at Walt Disney World, but everyone can usually pick some preferred attractions or rides. As one of the four major Disney parks, the Animal Kingdom is already high on visitors’ lists, but with these thirteen attractions, the Animal Kingdom might be in the running for your favorite!

13) See DeVine. If you ever want to convince your children to really appreciate the natural world, then the Animal Kingdom is the place to do it, and DeVine is one of its most overlooked attributes. With her incredible camouflage, DeVine never ceases to impress with her sudden appearances, and her graceful, languid movements are a true testament to the talented Cast Member underneath the leaves.

12) The Rainforest Café. This restaurant is not exclusive to Walt Disney World, but there is something very special about being able to walk right out of this restaurant and into the “real” thing. If you’d prefer an on-the-go meal, it can also be very satisfying to carry a turkey leg around DinoLand U.S.A.!

11) The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. At the Animal Kingdom, you should expect to see some animals–and there are plenty of places to do so! Each trail features different species, so this trail is just one of the many locations to view fantastic wildlife like gorillas.

10) Finding Nemo: The Musical. If you have young children, they will definitely enjoy seeing their favorite characters off the screen. With lively songs, vibrant costumes, and a talented cast, you are bound to emerge from this show’s stadium with another memorable experience under your belt!

9) DINOSAUR. For the more timid Disney-goer, this thrill ride will be a bit rough the first time, but the tremendous animatronics and the fast pace make for a thrilling experience that never stops being exciting!

8) The Oasis Exhibits. As one of the first attractions in the parks, visitors often bypass this one as soon as they enter, but you shouldn’t! With dense foliage, shade, and exotic creatures like a giant anteater, this Oasis lives up to its name.

7) The Flights of Wonder. Everyone needs to sit down and relax sometimes during their vacation, and what better way to do so than learning from a knowledgeable Cast Member and seeing rare birds fly over your head?

6) The Maharajah Jungle Trek. The authentic setting, beautiful birds, and well-educated Cast Members on this trail will definitely give you a worthwhile experience; the tigers always help too!

5) The Kali River Rapids. Splash Mountain may be known as one of Disney’s classic water rides, but this ride can be just as refreshing, and possibly even more entertaining for some visitors! With a gorgeous jungle setting–not unlike that of the Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise–and exhilarating heights and twists, this water ride has definitely earned its place on this list. Just pack some Ziploc bags, and watch out for visitors above with water guns!

4) The Festival of the Lion King. The Lion King is already known as a classic Disney movie with wonderful music, and this show only adds to its legacy. With charismatic characters (including Simba and his companions), interactive roles for the audience, and lively acrobats, the Festival of the Lion King reminds you of the film’s magic–and the music’s fun!

3) Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. This roller coaster is fairly new in comparison with some of the older Disney rides, but its novelty has yet to wear off! Riding backwards through the famous Himalayan peak provides Disney-goers with an incredible view of the park, and the Yeti provides additional thrills. Even if roller coasters are not your favorite, the ride’s authentic setting is worth a look! See what it is like to ride Expedition Everest from the front car!

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2) The Tree of Life. As the iconic symbol of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this tree is not hard to find–and you will have even more fun searching for all of the wildlife carvings that adorn its trunk!

1) The Kilimanjaro Safaris. What could be better than an authentic safari in a realistic African landscape? With close-up animal viewings and a truly incredible savannah, this attraction really is one of a kind. And the best part about animals? This safari will be different every time that you go! Try to go at least once in the morning, when there are less lines and the animals’ behavior is different! Here are “16 Wild Facts About Kilimanjaro Safaris”

With a variety of wildlife, enchanting music, and realistic scenery, the Animal Kingdom definitely lives up to its name. The ageless appeal of this park’s attractions also enhance its charm; from children to elderly visitors, everyone can enjoy the Animal Kingdom’s unique wildlife and atmosphere! These thirteen attractions are definitely must-do’s at the Animal Kingdom; just make sure that you avoid a particularly tight schedule (after all, if DeVine happens to show up, you’ll want the extra time for a photo)!

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