These Are the Best and Worst Tips for Doing Disney World

8. Plan a timely arrival

Sure you’re on vacation, and the urge to sleep in and take it easy is tempting. But keep in mind that the early bird gets the worm, or in this case the most magic out of their visit to Disney Parks. Most parks have special opening day events, like music, character greetings, rope drops, and more. Another perk to arriving early is you get to enjoy less crowdedness and, as a result, shorter wait times to popular attractions.

Alternately: Getting a later start can have consequences, especially at a popular, highly populated place like Walt Disney World. So while you may think taking it slow and easy makes for more relaxation, it can actually end up causing more aggravation in the end, especially when you enter at peak time with neck-to-neck crowds and 90-minute+ wait times at nearly every attraction. So in conclusion, plan for an early arrival to ensure you get a chance at the more popular attractions you have your heart set on pursuing.

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