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These Are the Best and Worst Tips for Doing Disney World


4. Consider the weather

Sure you’re in Florida, but don’t assume that you’re in for sunny warm weather for the entire duration of your trip. Weather can turn rainy, and you don’t want to be unprepared with inadequate clothing and other essentials. Remember also that while outside temperatures may be hot, the interior of restaurants, shops, and certain attractions can be often times be drastically cooler due to that little invention known as air conditioning. Then there are those breezy mornings and evenings to consider. So be prepared with adequate clothing, including a light jacket or sweatshirt and even a second pair of shoes in the event that your primary pair gets wet from rain or one of Disney’s soaking attractions. It’s also a good idea to pack other essentials, like sunblock, ponchos, and whatever else you feel you may need after carefully considering what may be in store.

Alternately: Not packing the correct clothing and other essentials can create a host of unnecessary discomforts you didn’t expect. You don’t want to be left too cold, too wet, or battling sunburn on your vacation to the happiest place on Earth. So give some careful thought to what you may need, and don’t assume you won’t need something that may prove to be most valuable.

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