These Are the Best and Worst Tips for Doing Disney World

3. Bring only what you need

While it’s always best to be prepared and well equipped for your vacation, when visiting a specific park it’s always best to travel light whenever possible. When entering a park you are required to go through security points, and one option is even available for guests entering without bags. But the reality is you will probably have at least one person in your party carrying the basic essentials. In this case, be sure to carry a convenient, easy-to-search bag to facilitate your time spent entering through security.

Alternately: Don’t be a packrat. It’s best to keep those extras you packed for preparation in your room. After all, if you took the suggestion of staying onsite at a Disney Resort it shouldn’t be too hard to venture back and retrieve them when and if the occasion calls for it. But when entering the parks, try to travel light with everything in order so that security can easily peer into your bags. Don’t clutter your wares with a lot of unnecessary extras. It just slows you down and can inconvenience those in line behind you as well.

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