Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe in Disney Parks Once They Reopen

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We are living in a strange time. In a time where people are working remotely and most children can’t attend classes in school, vacations are the last thing on anyone’s mind. Or are they? Others have started to dream about one, if only for the fact that it provides a temporary escape from tumultuous current events.

But if you’re envisioning a Disney escape, you may also be wondering how Walt Disney World will be impacted. Unfortunately, nobody knows. All predictions are pure speculation, but one thing is for certain. We may not be able to prevent things from happening, but we can control our reactions. So, let’s discuss ways that you can keep your loved ones safe and healthy on vacation, regardless of WDW policies.

Do Healthy Prep Work

The best way you can protect your health on vacation is to be healthy when you arrive. Get plenty of rest in the weeks leading up to the trip. Resist stuffing your social calendar and even do proactive things to boost your immune system, like taking vitamin C. Stay home from work a day or two if you are fighting any kind of bug. And remain vigilant about protecting your immune system when you travel, especially if you’re flying.


Airplane cabins are bona fide germ factories, so wearing a mask on one (even if you feel perfectly fine) isn’t a bad idea. These things can seem silly for the average person, but take it from someone who’s gotten a miserable cold halfway through their vacation. Nothing kills the magic of watching Fantasmic! like a queasy stomach and spinning head.

Exemplary Hygiene

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The best prep work will all be for naught if you don’t follow this rule: Always wash your hands before eating. (And yes, this includes on-the-go Mickey Bars.) Because theme parks are full of families, small children, and visitors from all around the world – you never know what could be passed on. Don’t take the risk and never dine without a hand wash. Using soap and water is best, but if a restroom can’t be found or the line is obscene, hand sanitizer is fine. (Consider buying sanitizers in appealing scents. Your loved ones will complain less about the ritual.) Admittedly, it can be a pain when you just want to inhale that snack, but stay strong. Even a fresh churro can wait.

Beauty Sleep

Another thing that can challenge your immune system is inadequate sleep. Like college freshmen who want to hang out with friends and pull an all-nighter, sometimes Disney visitors also disregard sleep. Don’t. Even if you traditionally arrive at rope drop and stay until the last possible minute, consider rethinking your itinerary.

Eight hours of sleep is still the recommended amount, and you’ll need at least seven to recover from a day in the parks. Also, consider a day “off” from vacation. In other words, allot one day in the middle of your trip to sleep in as late as possible and lounge by the pool. I realize this is difficult because many guests want to squeeze in as many magical moments as possible. However, I would urge you to consider quality over quantity. Your family and your body will be happier in the end.

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