Tips & Tricks for Taking a Teen to Walt Disney World

Watching your kiddos grow up is an ever-changing adventure. From the ways they dress to the way they talk, they evolve. And this means that their tastes and interests may change. Things they loved before can now be dubbed ‘uncool’ once they become teenagers. Even Disney World can be affected! So, if you’re taking your teenager to Disney for a first-time or repeat trip, keep some of these suggestions in mind. Taking time to factor these in will be more appreciated than you realize.

1. Consider Upgrading Accommodations

The All-Star Movies resort may have been your family’s favorite, but your teenager may not be as impressed with the colorful, character-heavy theming. Give thought to upgrading to one of the more sleek and sophisticated resorts. For example, many moderate resorts are themed after beautiful destinations and may liven up your teenager’s stay. Also, consider booking a larger condo-style room with separate sleeping areas. Giving your teenager their own bedroom on vacation (even if it’s just a pull-out couch in a living room) is a luxury. (Plus, it makes it harder to get on someone’s nerves with extra space!)

Disney’s Old Key West Resort (Credit: Disney)

2. Skip Character Meals

Unless your child specifically requests a dinner with Mickey, don’t book character meals. While guests of all ages enjoy these meals, they can easily fall into the ‘embarrassing’ category for an adolescent. Additionally, restaurants where the servers are encouraged to tease the guests, like Prime-Time Café, may not be received well. Instead, inspire them to expand their appetites by booking unique, table-service restaurants. Favorite venues that are delicious (and not too exotic) include California Grill, Via Napoli, and the Liberty Tree Tavern. Ask your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner for recommendations and enjoy introducing your child to a world of new cuisine.

Via Napoli
Via Napoli

3. Ditch the Family T-Shirts

They may be a cute staple for Christmas cards, but your teenager might think they’re lame. As hard as it may be, don’t order coordinated Etsy shirts for the family. (Plus, be honest. Did you want to match your parents as a teenager?) You can still get a picture-perfect family photo by coordinating colors, asking everyone to dress a little nicer one day, or just finding a great spot to pose on Main Street U.S.A. And family pictures aside, encourage your teenager to express their style in their vacation outfits. With so many third-party retailers (e.g. Lunch Box, Target) designing adorable Disney-themed clothing, your teen can find the perfect ensemble for the trip. This also enables them to show their Disney spirit in a way that is cool and stylish.

Credit: Disney


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