Top 10 Breakfast Meals At Disney Parks

Top 10 Breakfast Meals
Top 10 Breakfast Meals

10. Cheshire Café—Fantasyland—Magic Kingdom

Located near the Mad Tea Party attraction, this small snack stand offers a very limited breakfast menu, but it’s perfect if you’re eating on the run. You have a choice of assorted cereals with milk, muffins, whole fruit, assorted beverages, and bottled water.

9. Fountain View (Starbucks)—Epcot—Futureworld

The location of this Starbucks’ namesake is within a few yards of a magnificent fountain, which entertains audiences with a musical, dancing waters performance during the day and night. The décor and theme of this Starbucks is designed to resemble the Epcot of yesteryear with its 70’s style lighting and frosted glass fixtures. Here the future and the “retro future” meet in a uniquely Disney version of Starbucks. Originally called the “Fountain View Café’”, the renovated version of this eclectic coffee shop offers basically the same menu you would find at any Starbucks’ location, with a few Disney house-made treats. What makes this Starbucks so special is the fact that it is the center of Epcot, located in the “most magical place on earth”, Walt Disney World

8. Starring Rolls Café—Hollywood Studios

Located at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, this small bakery offers a yummy selection of baked goods, such as, apple or cherry turnovers, bagels with cream cheese, assorted Danish, muffins, croissants, cinnamon buns, yogurt, and much more. Fountain beverages, juices, cappuccino, espresso, hot cocoa, specialty or regular coffee, and bottled water are also available. There is limited outdoor seating at this stylish corner bakery, but most guests do not linger for long. This is one of those quick stops while on the way to the “Tower of Terror”, or “Rockin’ Roller Coaster”. It’s definitely worth your time to stop by here, and if you’re not in a big hurry, find a table, sit , relax, and watch the crowds go by, while enjoying a delicious roll and freshly brewed cup of coffee.

7. Writer’s Stop—Hollywood Studios

This cozy little shop around the corner from the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater looks and has the feel of a community coffee house, complete with small tables and chairs, comfortable couches, and multiple shelves filled with books of every sort. Right when you walk through the front door, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air; add in the sweet smells of Danish and muffins, and you have a charming place to enjoy a quick breakfast, or get it to go and find a nearby bench to relax and watch the crowds walk by. Beside Danish, muffins, and yogurt, they also offer an excellent choice of coffee, mochaccino, espresso, assorted juices and beverages. Take a short break and rest your feet and your brain.

6. Gaston’s Tavern—Fantasyland—Magic Kingdom

For a really quick breakfast snack, this would be a good choice. Located near the “Belle’s Enchanted Tales” attraction, Gaston’s Tavern is complete with wooden furniture, pictures, and a life-sized portrait of Gaston himself over the massive fireplace. The Disney designing team recreated perfectly the look of Gaston’s Tavern as it appeared in the movie, “Beauty and the Beast”.

Your menu choices include a warm cinnamon roll, chocolate croissant, mixed fruit cup, or a sliced apple with caramel sauce. There are also several beverages to choose from, including the “special drink of the house”, LeFour’s Brew, which is frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam; very refreshing! Souvenir cups and mugs are also available.

5. Fairfax Fair—Hollywood Studios

Located on Sunset Boulevard, this open food court does offer a small but tasty breakfast menu, which includes a choice of an egg and cheese muffin with bacon or sausage, yogurt, mixed fruit cup, Danish, cinnamon roll, or cereal with milk. Beverages include juices, coffee, fountain drinks, and bottled water.

This is another one of those quick-stop venues which offers plenty of outdoor seating (all of the tables are covered by umbrellas). Service is usually fast and friendly, depending on your order, and even though the breakfast selection is limited, it’s a nice place to sit down and enjoy a pleasant morning snack.

4. Sunshine Seasons Food Court—The Land Pavilion—Epcot—Futureworld

“The Land” pavilion is the home of this amazing food court which offers a choice of several dining venues. The Sandwich Shop and Bakery offers a selection of breakfast items, like a breakfast platter (bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes, and a biscuit), breakfast panini (eggs, bacon, roast pork, cheese, potatoes), bacon, egg, and cheese croissant, bagels with cream cheese, and assorted beverages, juices, etc.

The seating area is very roomy, and there are usually plenty of tables and chairs available for any size group. Located on the ground floor of this gigantic pavilion, this dining area offers a spectacular view of the entire area, including the entrances to two major attractions, “Living with the Land”, and “Soarin’”. Actually, this is a great place to dine if you are waiting to ride the immensely popular “Soarin’”, or after you have experienced this unique attraction.

3. Sleepy Hollow Inn—Liberty Square—Magic Kingdom

This quaint little eatery is right at the entrance to Liberty Square and resembles an inn where colonial travelers would have stopped for a quick meal and “grog” while warming by the cozy fireplace. For a quick breakfast, try the ham and cheese omelet waffle sandwich, a regular waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar or cinnamon, or one topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Funnel cakes are also available, along with assorted beverages, cappuccino, espresso, juices, and bottled water. This is an outdoor vendor, but there are plenty of alternate seating places nearby. Also, this location is on the parade route and a good place to grab your snack before the parade passes by.

2. Pizzafari—Discovery Island—Animal Kingdom

This is a quick service diner with all the elements and decorations of an African jungle. There are four dining rooms, each with a different theme. The walls are colorfully decorated with images of the most unusual assortment of animals, birds, reptiles, and beautiful flowers and plants. The four themes are: animals that use camouflage, animals that carry their homes with them, creatures that prowl at night, and animals that live most of their lives upside down.

There are always plenty of cashiers, so you never have to wait long for your order, and with a choice of four dining rooms, there is usually no shortage of places to sit. The breakfast menu includes the following: the “bounty platter” (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, fried potatoes, and a biscuit), breakfast panini (egg whites, ham, and provolone cheese), fresh fruit cup, oatmeal, kids’ platters, a nice selection of Danish, cinnamon buns, yogurt, assorted beverages, juices, and bottled water.

While you’re taking your morning break, visit the other three dining rooms and enjoy the elaborate wall murals and other delightful jungle decorations. If you ask one of the hostesses, they will point out some interesting facts about some of the unusual creatures pictured on the walls.

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1. Main Street Bakery—Main Street—Magic Kingdom

This original bakery has been a part of Walt Disney World since its opening in 1971. It has undergone a renovation and has now merged with Starbucks, but has retained the name, “Main Street Bakery”. The menu basically offers the same choices as any other Starbucks, with a few Disney house-made specialties added. The sandwiches and rolls are delicious, and the famous Starbucks coffee choices are excellent. There are plenty of other beverages also. The inside of the newly decorated (Starbucks) Main Street Bakery, is beautiful, but the former dining area has been replaced with shelves offering Starbucks merchandise. That’s okay, however, because there are tables and chairs located in an area right outside of the Plaza Restaurant and Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at the end of Main Street.

I am extremely grateful the Disney executives decided to keep the name, Main Street Bakery, because it has been our family tradition for a long time to grab a quick snack from here to enjoy while watching the Main Street Electrical Parade at some point during our visits, sometimes several evenings. I miss the indoor seating, but it will still be our choice of breakfast or late night snacks when we are on Main Street, especially while we watch the departing crowds. We like being the last ones to leave!

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