Top 10 Kiosk, Counter Service & Snack Vendors At Disney!

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Main St. Bakery

Hungry? There are so many restaurants, diners, and quick service venues in all of Walt Disney World that it would take a book to include them all, and many books have been written about all the dining choices.
I would like to focus on those dining venues that offer quick, delicious, refreshing, and affordable snacks. As you are traveling through all the Parks, you will most likely come to a point where you and your party are hungry or thirsty, but are not quite ready for a sit-down meal. Snack carts and kiosks are located in several different locations in every park. The following are my favorites:

10. African Outpost—Epcot—World Showcase

Located between the Germany and China pavilions, this African-themed counter service spot offers cookies, fruit cups, hot dogs, chips, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and a variety of beverages including slushes. Souvenir mugs are also available. If you’re ready for a truly refreshing treat, try the “Doofensluper”—frozen lemonade topped with Passion fruit and sorbet foam. Nearby there are a number of African musical instruments for a hands-on experience, and a nice addition to your short snack break.

9. Italian Gelato Kiosk—Italy Pavilion—Epcot—World Showcase

Located in front of the Italian Pavilion (between Germany and the American Adventure pavilions) this small outdoor kiosk serves a variety of flavors of Italian Gelato (basically Italian-style ice cream). The most popular item is the gelato sandwich, which is any flavor gelato sandwiched between two delicious chocolate chip cookies. Also available are Italian Cannolis(crisp pastry with sweet ricotta, chocolate, and candied orange, Tiramisur(mascarpone cream, Savoiardi biscuits, Espresso coffee, and chocolate), assorted beverages, Italian smoothies, etc. Enjoy your Gelato treat from any nearby bench, or drink your smoothie as you continue your walk around World Showcase.

8. Oasis Canteen—Hollywood Studios

This small outdoor quick service canteen sits right outside the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular attraction. Designed to look like an eatery right out of an Indiana Jones movie, this little kiosk serves those very popular funnel cakes, with a choice of assorted toppings, like strawberries, soft serve ice cream, powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar. How about a waffle cone with chocolate, vanilla or swirl soft serve ice cream? Yum Yum! Another refreshing treat is a coke or root beer float. Various beverages, including bottled water, are also available.

7. Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction—Hollywood Studios

This ice cream and snack stand is located on Echo Lake near the gigantic Sorcerer’s Hat at the end of Hollywood Boulevard. Looming overhead keeping an eye on her namesake is Gertie, an massive pre-historic brontosaurus. Gertie’s place not only serves yummy ice cream, but also assorted chips, California trail mix, granolabars, assorted beverages and bottled water. This is a great place to enjoy a quick snack, and while you’re there, get a snapshot with Gertie. She loves the attention!

6. Harambe Fruit Market—Africa—Animal Kingdom

Follow the signs to Africa, and you will pass right in front of this fresh fruit and snack stand. In addition to fresh fruit, this African themed outdoor market offers cut up apples with caramel dipping sauce, fresh fruit cups, carrot and celery sticks, chips, a special Mickey pretzel, or jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel, cup up watermelon, pineapple spears, large and small bags of craisins, an assortment of beverages, including fresh juice, bottled water, vitamin water, and a special Odwalla(9 berry juice blend)smoothie. Look for a nearby bench or outdoor table and enjoy your snack while giving your feet a break!

5. Aloha Isle—Adventureland—Magic Kingdom

This popular tropical-themed stand is located near the entrance to Adventureland and serves delightfully refreshing Pineapple, vanilla, or orange soft serve Dole Whips, Pineapple floats, fresh cut pineapple spears, fresh pineapple juice, other assorted beverages and bottled water. There is seating in a small area across from this stand right in front of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, which is perfect for sitting and enjoying any of these delectable, chilly treats.

4. Frontierland Turkey Leg Cart & Churro Cart—Magic Kingdom

I have to group these two carts together, because they are both in the same neighborhood along the same walkway in Frontierland. The Turkey Leg Cart sells, of course, extra large turkey legs, and if you have ever tried one of these mouth-watering, smoky meat treats, you will agree it really needs to be shared; it’s almost too much for one person to handle. Along with the turkey legs, they also sell chips, chocolate chip cookies, and assorted beverages. The churro cart sells, naturally, churros, which are tasty fried dough pastries sprinkled with sugar. You can order a side order of chocolate for dipping. Also available is a Mickey pretzel, cheese sauce, and assorted beverages.

What my girls and I like to do is get a turkey leg and a couple of churros, sit down at a nearby table or bench, and take turns gnawing away at the turkey leg, then break the churros into bite size chunks & divide them up between us. It’s a great snack meal, doesn’t take long, and satisfies any hunger pains that may arise.

3. Sleepy Hollow—Liberty Square—Magic Kingdom

Located right at the entrance to Liberty Square, this quaint little colonial-themed kiosk serves up delicious fresh-baked waffles and turns them into sandwiches. Get ready to be tempted: How about a sweet & spicy chicken waffle sandwich, a ham and Swiss cheese waffle sandwich, a ham and cheese omelet waffle sandwich, and for your sweet tooth, a Nutella and fresh fruit waffle sandwich. Other menu items are waffles with powdered sugar or waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. If you are a fan of funnel cakes, Sleepy Hollow can satisfy that craving also. Besides the usual beverages, you can order a Liberty Swirl Slush, a combination of Fanta, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry, or an iced coffee float. This little eatery may be small, with a few tables and chairs around, but it packs a mighty tasty punch!

2. The Lunching Pad—Tomorrowland—Magic Kingdom

Located at the base of the PeopleMover is this outdoor snack bar whose specialty is a BLT hot dog(topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing). Sounds yummy, right? Well, also on the menu is a Philly Cheese Steak hot dog (topped with beef, onions, peppers, mushrooms and cheese sauce) served with apple slices or chips, and the Coney Island Dog (topped with chili, onions, & mustard) served with apple slices or chips. If you’re not in the mood for a hot dog, how about a sweet cream cheese pretzel, or a Mickey pretzel? Assorted beverages are also available, and frozen carbonated drinks served in a sport bottle. Before you climb aboard the PeopleMover or any other Tomorrowland ride, visit the Lunching Pad for a quick delicious treat.

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1. Main Street Bakery—Magic Kingdom—sponsored by Starbucks

The Main Street Bakery has been a part of the Disney World experience since it opened in 1971. Visitors stop in, either coming into the Park or leaving the Park. Just recently it became a member of the Starbucks family, and the menu is much like you would find at any Starbucks in the country, except for one important difference; this is the Main Street Bakery in Walt Disney World. This sets this bakery apart from all the others. It doesn’t really matter that there are mostly Starbucks specialty coffees, pastries, and sandwiches, which are delicious. Just the fact that it is located here makes all the items on the menu taste better. Stop by, grab a goodie, and take in the atmosphere of this extra special Main Street Bakery.

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