Top 10 Places to Stop and Smell the Roses at Disney

On a Disney vacation, it can be very easy to overwhelm yourself with activities. These ten attractions will help you unwind and appreciate the Disney experience!

10) The Asian peninsula in the Animal Kingdom. As you approach Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain from Discovery Island, be sure to pause at the small peninsula facing the mountain. If it is available, you may be able to get a great picture with the mountain via Disney’s PhotoPass service, but the view is wonderful with or without professional photos!

9) The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios. If you’re sensitive to the sun or your feet are sore (understandably), make an effort to reach the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. The ride’s enclosure is bordered by a stone wall near its entrance, one which is perfect for a break in the shade. Be sure to keep an eye out for lizards!

8) Epcot’s Living with the Land. Disney offers plenty of thrills in its parks, but it also offers many educational opportunities to its visitors. On Living with the Land, you can enjoy a mellow boat ride while viewing some beautiful vegetation and aquatic animals. The ride also brings you indoors a bit, refreshing you for the rest of your day out in the sun!

7) Tom Sawyer Island in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. If you find yourself becoming stressed during your time in the park, solitude is a crucial tool. Tom Sawyer Island is one of the best places to find isolation, and the scenic boat ride is an additional bonus! The island’s location and its forested environment also allow you to view Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Liberty Square from a relatively external perspective. If you don’t want to go onto the island itself, there is a small gazebo next to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that overlooks the island as well!

6) Echo Lake in Hollywood Studios. With its central location, Echo Lake is an excellent place to grab a park bench and relax in between shows or rides. Because Echo Lake’s position makes it a town square of sorts, you may also have a chance to spot street performances as soon as they start happening, making this scenic spot a superb pick for photos, snacks, and people-watching!

5) Epcot’s FriendShip Boat. When you are walking through Epcot, it can be difficult to maintain an idea of the entire park’s organization and design. With shade and a slow pace, this ferry allows you to observe the park’s impressive architecture and décor on a much broader scope as you travel between countries. The boat’s air conditioning always helps visitors relax as well!

4) The Maharajah Jungle Trek in the Animal Kingdom. With clean forest paths, beautiful birds, and knowledgeable Cast Members, the shaded pathways of the Anandapur Royal Forest allow you to enjoy a relatively quiet atmosphere within the park. The animals may be less active in the afternoon, but the Trek will also be less crowded at that time, so feel free to absorb the Trek’s peaceful environment at your leisure!

3) The Magic Kingdom’s Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. If you simply cannot rest at Walt Disney World without doing anything, embrace the convenience of the “lazy” activity. The Magic Kingdom’s carousel lets you enjoy a ride while sitting down, escaping the sun, and surveying the scenery! This carousel may be behind Cinderella’s castle, but it still serves as an excellent way to slow down and notice all of the people, attractions, and Disney magic that surround you.

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2) The Oasis Exhibits in the Animal Kingdom. These animals are just as remarkable as those on the Animal Kingdom’s safaris and the Maharajah Jungle Trek, but they are also one of the first attractions in the park, which means that people are more likely to skip them for more well-known attractions when they first enter. The area will gradually become more crowded as people exit at night, and the animals may be less active then, so take the time to enjoy the wildlife and the “oasis” environment in the morning or the afternoon!

1) Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. There will be plenty of crowds in front of the Cinderella castle, but this restaurant’s dining area gives you a close view that is far more isolated. What could be better than delicious funnel cakes and a chance to see the castle at a new angle? Tip: Cinderella’s castle is always beautiful, but at night, its ethereal glow is truly breathtaking. Visit Sleepy Hollow in the evening for a particularly mesmerizing—and quiet—scene!

The urge to cram your schedule for a Disney vacation can be a powerful one, but there are many ways to relax in the parks. One of Walt Disney World’s defining attributes is its variety, and these chances to stop and smell the roses are no exception!

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