Top 10 Secret Finds at Walt Disney World

Cloud Shaped Hidden Mickey over Hollywood Studios
Credit: Disney

Attention to detail was a driving force in everything that Walt Disney did and it shows all over the parks and the studios. Walt Disney World is no exception. There are so many secret finds all throughout the resort thanks to the Imaginers assuring that Walt’s attention to detail was maintained in every aspect of the resort. Here are my top 10 secret finds at Walt Disney World.

10. Hidden Mickeys

Disney Imagineers will neither confirm or deny the existence of Hidden Mickeys. It seems to have begun in Epcot Center. Epcot did not have any references to Disney characters when it opened in 1982 aside from the mouse logo on name tags, man hole covers, and merchandise price tags. Leave it to a group of calculating and sneaky Imagineers to incorporate certain “Hidden Mickeys” all throughout Epcot Center. They are now all over Walt Disney World and can be in plain sight or especially hidden. Although there is no official book listing locations of Hidden Mickeys there are many unofficial book, apps, and articles listing Hidden Mickeys. I especially love finding my own even if it is not an exact Hidden Mickey.

9. Main Street Windows

As you mozy down Main Street USA be sure and take time to look up at the windows. There are so many names and job titles and each one is significant in some way. A quick internet search will usually reveal exactly who each person is and what their contribution was to the Disney company. It’s like a Disney Hall of Fame of sorts.

8. Pin Trading

Disney pin trading began in 1999 as part of the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World and has not slowed down since. By making each pin only available for a limited time, pin trading is essential to acquire that rare unique pin to add to your collection. I personally did not get into the pin trading craze until later but now I am fully involved. I can’t take a trip to WDW without buying at least 5 pins.

7. Cinderella Mosaic Mural

While walking through Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom be sure and stop to enjoy the beautiful mosaic mural on the wall which tells the store of one of Disney’s most popular princesses. There are over 300,000 pieces of Italian glass along with bit of sliver and gold throughout the mural. The mural took almost 2 years to put together and each mosaic mural was hand cut and applied by artist Hanns-Joachim Scharff and his team of six craftsmen.

6. Tower of Terror in Morocco

Epcot’s World Showcase is full of great secret finds and hidden treasures. One that I really love is not actually in World Showcase but has an influence on it. It is definitely a hidden gem that is in plain sight. If you stand at the entrance to the Morocco pavilion you will notice a large tower that looks like its part of the Morocco skyline. Of course it is the backside of the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. The imagineers knew that the Tower of Terror would be seen from Epcot so they made sure it blended in with the architecture of the Morocco Pavilion.

5. Epcot back Entrance/Exit

Epcot is such a unique and amazing theme park and like no other. One unique aspect of this park that I truly love is the second entrance/exit. It is located in World Showcase between the France and the United Kingdom pavilions. It is very quaint and can be accessed by boat from Hollywood Studios, Swan, Dolphin, Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach club resorts or a short pathway from these same resorts.

4. Mr Toad at The Haunted Mansion

Although Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is no longer at Walt Disney World, a homage to Mr. Thaddeus Toad is still around. The only problem is that it happens to be in the one area one might not want to end up. The Haunted Mansion graveyard.

3. Brown Derby pictures

Take a look at the caricatures of Hollywood celebrities on the wall inside the Brown Derby restaurant at Hollywood Studios. You’ll notice that some have black frames some have gold frames. The black frame ones are copies but the gold frame are original creations.

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2. Partners statue tie pin

After you had your picture taken in front of the Partners statue be sure to examine it for some amazing details. One of my favorites is the pin on Walt’s tie. It has the initials STR which stands for “Smoke Tree Ranch”. This was a favorite vacation location for Walt and his family.

1. Horse foot prints in Frontierland.

While walking through Frontierland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom be sure and look down at the pavement. You’ll see slicing directly through the center of the street sets of horse shoe prints. This is just another example of Disney’s superb attention to detail. Even the littlest things that probably go unnoticed for the most part are thought about. Disney Imagineering at its best!

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