Top 10 Things We Love About Disney Princesses

If Disney princesses ever come up in conversation, most people know who they are–and they also probably know exactly who their favorite is, and why. However, there are also some traits that virtually all Disney princesses have, traits that make them lovable as a whole. Here are ten characteristics that make the Disney princesses wonderful!

10) They are not afraid of color. A Disney princess knows that a wardrobe should make you happy, and she shows it in the colors she wears. How often do you see a princess wearing black? Wearing cheerful colors is one of the easiest ways to reach actual happiness, and the Disney princesses’ style is a constant reminder of that fact.

9) Animals love them. If a Disney princess is ever seen running away from a chipmunk, the entire world might have to start reevaluating its perspectives. A Disney princess can easily befriend animals with a smile (and no, it’s not just a “girl” thing. Plenty of females don’t get along with chipmunks). Granted, the princesses are rarely seen befriending snakes or spiders—but if there is anyone who is likely to charm her way out of a spider attack, it’s one of these girls.

8) They are all about natural beauty. Makeup is not popular among the Disney princesses—perhaps because they don’t need it. With lush lashes and hair that survives days without conditioner, the Disney princesses make it clear that one does not need anything but her own features. You never see a Disney princess purchasing eyeliner, after all. Of course, since they possess particularly attractive qualities anyway, this message is a bit lackluster coming from the princesses—but the message is still one that can be passed on to viewers, and it is still an important one!

7) No one is more prepared for a musical number. Yes, in real life there are probably some singers who wouldn’t mind a sudden song—and in the Disney world, that’s almost every character—but Disney princesses really excel in this area. Whether they’re singing in the woods by themselves (with animals) or getting an entire bar involved, these princesses are ready to sing and dance, any time!

6) They are experts at snacking. It’s safe to assume that the princesses do eat at some point, seeing how they survive their films, but the next time you watch a Disney princess movie, try to count the amount of times that the princess is seen eating (it’s not often). These princesses should definitely not be your role models for dietary habits, but if you’re ever in need of some on-the-go snacks, look to them for guidance. Whether it’s an apple or a cupcake, these girls know how to eat light and fast!

5) They look for the best in others. Yes, there are times when this has caused problems for Disney princesses (Snow White’s apple ringing a bell?). However, the princesses embrace the more optimistic alternative, because expecting betrayal is a far more lonely and depressing way to live life.

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4) They have endearing traits. Disney princesses make mistakes in their respective films—but they also all have personality traits that can be categorized as quality characteristics. Merida may be stubborn, but she’s courageous; Ariel might complain about her home a lot, but she’s kindhearted. A Disney princess always has something in her nature that is positive; although villains might have commendable traits, too, those are not the traits that define them, while the princesses’ admirable qualities not only define them, but also prove to be instrumental in their success. The presence and dominance of these traits are what makes them role models!

3) They recognize when they are wrong. Sure, she may not realize her mistakes until much later—but when she does, a Disney princess owns up to them. Accepting responsibility and choosing apologies over pride is something that real-world viewers should definitely do, and these princesses show us exactly how to do it!

2) They’re not afraid to believe in the abstract. Wishing on a star? Following a will-o’-the-wisp? The Disney princesses do it all. Whether it’s magic or hope or both, these characters refuse to let pragmatism keep them down. Even if they’ve never seen a fairy godmother, they’re still ready to accept one’s existence. After all, they’re from Disney!

1) They are trustworthy for viewers. If you are seeing a Disney princess film, you automatically know a bit about the movie that you will be seeing. You can expect a heroine that is probably kind, friendly, and musically gifted. She’s also probably pretty good with animals. Granted, Disney princesses have changed over the years, and no princess is identical, but knowing that a movie has a Disney princess somehow makes it clear to the viewer that there is at least going to be some semblance of happiness and hope in the film he or she is about to see. You could be heading into a movie that was designed with dark and violent themes—but if there’s a Disney princess involved, you know who to look to for the light.

With these ten traits, it’s obvious why these princesses have gotten a spot high up on the list of signature Disney characters. Whenever you’re experiencing troubles, mirror the princesses; although adopting their light diets and impromptu singing might not be ideal, the princesses serve as superb role models in the categories that really count: kindness and hope.

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