Top 10 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Walt Disney World Parks

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Plenty of people have visited Walt Disney World over the years, and they all have their own personal preferences for their vacations. How you choose to approach your delightful Disney days is up to you–and you certainly can’t go wrong, since it’s Disney!–but here are ten general tips to give you a head start!

10) Use sunblock and drink water. Florida is known for being hot, and it can get very hot on sunny afternoons (particularly in the parks with the least shade, like EPCOT). Your vacation may be a vacation, but heatstroke can still be a problem–so stay hydrated and treat sunblock like a necessity! A sunburn or a serious headache could really put a dent in your Disney time.

9) Wear comfortable shoes. It can be very tempting to create adorable Disney-inspired ensembles for your forays into the parks–and those ensembles certainly might work best with some new footwear! However, you’ll need to resist the urge to wear cheerful hot-pink heels or brand-new sneakers; Walt Disney World contains a lot of distance for visitors to cover, and it is no place to break in shoes. Instead, stick with sneakers or sandals that you are already very comfortable wearing; if you really can’t stand to alter your outfit, then buy the new shoes far in advance and break them in early.

8) Establish some familiarity with the World. Most Disney-goers have probably seen a few Disney commercials involving Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom, but, for some, that may be the extent of their Park knowledge. If you’re a novice to Disney World, no need to worry! There’s plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the Disney Parks and their geography while you’re there. That being said, you also can approach your trip with a lot more confidence if you’ve researched the parks’ basics beforehand. All it takes is a simple Google search or a perusal of the Walt Disney World website! Before you know it, you’ll be ready to enter each Park without feeling overwhelmed–and learning about each Park’s attractions will also help you become more excited about your Disney days in advance!

7) Take breaks during the day. If you’re an extremely motivated Disney-goer, then you might even be reluctant to sit down for longer meals at restaurants; but, for most of us, a short break is a wonderful way to re-energize and jump back into the Disney fun! The aforementioned meals can definitely be helpful–and delicious–breaks, and so can sit-down rides like Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel or shows like Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage. If you prefer committing to a legitimate rest, then seat yourself on a bench and just relax without any excuses!

6) Utilize Guest services. Too many people hesitate when it comes to asking customer service for help in general–and this is really a shame at Walt Disney World, where Guest services are excellent in the Parks and at the Resorts! If you have problems with your stay (including medical or dietary ones) then feel free to enlist their assistance; it’s their job, and Disney Cast Members excel in this area just as they excel in all the others!

5) Alternate your Disney days’ styles. Some of the Disney Parks (like EPCOT and Disney’s Animal Kingdom) are great for snacking; others, like the Magic Kingdom, have indoor rides that make it more difficult to carry food everywhere. In the same vein, some Disney Parks have less walking than others–so plan accordingly! Visit a walk- (and snack-) heavy Park one day, then go for a less strenuous Park the next day and opt for some sit-down meals. As the old phrase goes, “everything in moderation”, and that can sometimes be true in Walt Disney World, too!

4) Enjoy your Resort. You put some gleeful effort into your Resort selection, so try not to forget about its amenities during your vacation! Perhaps you feel like a poolside nap, but aren’t feeling energetic enough to travel all the way to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a casual night, enjoying your own Resort’s entertainment and food. Either way, your Resort, and its Cast Members are there to make your trip one of comfort, excitement, and magic–so have fun!

3) Make nighttime visits a priority. The ambiance of a place can change very quickly at night in the regular world–and in Walt Disney World, this is particularly apparent. Whether you find yourself dining at EPCOT, seeing Hollywood Studio’s sparkle at night, or observing Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life Awakenings, you can definitely experience a thrilling and enchanting side of Disney after the sun has set. You may not want to do this every night (see number four), but at least one or two nights can really enhance your Disney trip! And if nap-time is the only way for you to get through such a long night, then go ahead and nap away.

2) Loosen up. Disney has street shows, snacks, parades, and much more to entertain you during your vacation, and a strict schedule might force you to pass these offerings by; so, unless you are someone who truly thrives in pressure-filled situations, then relax and leave your Disney days open for whatever they will bring! If you take the time to leisurely enjoy each Park, then you’re more likely to have a tension-free time overall. And besides, who wants to schedule every minute of their vacation, anyway? If you fit in that category, then more power to you, but the rest of us will be ambling down the Disney Parks’ streets with a snack in one hand and another snack in the other.

1) Don’t try to define Disney magic. Disney’s renowned brand of “magic” is often touted in its ads and in the testimonies of fans. This might lead some visitors to think that Disney magic is a one-size-fits-all experience, something that can only be found in very specific ways on a Disney vacation. This is not the case! For some Disney-goers, Disney magic might be found in the sleek and sparkling choreography of the Happily Ever After nighttime spectacular at Magic Kingdom, while others might find it on a Park bench with a turkey leg. For others, it might be laughing with strangers on the Jungle Cruise or hollering on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and still, others might find it at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, seeing lions lounge and birds soar. At Disney World, the magic is yours, however, you discover it!

You might only absorb some of these tips into your Disney planning (and if that’s the case, then the last two would probably be the most important), but don’t worry: no matter your approach, you’re going to Disney–and that’s automatically a step in the right direction!

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