Top 15 Rookie Mistakes at Walt Disney World

Disney Bus

5) Paying for transportation

I can think of a few instances when I think paying for transportation is acceptable. For instance, the time that we were staying at All Star Movies, but had been at the Boardwalk at Jellyrolls until they closed. We would have had to get a bus from the Boardwalk to Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs)  and then get a bus from there to our resort. We wouldn’t have minded this if we left earlier, as we would have just walked around Downtown Disney, but that late at night this was really just prolonging us getting to sleep-- so we took a cab. In general however, you should take advantage of the free transportation between the parks and resorts.

6) Not using Fastpass+

I can totally respect guests who do not want to plan their entire vacation months in advance, however there are some instances where I would even still try to use Fastpass+ at least a little bit. For instance, if you’ve never ridden the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but you really want to, make a Fastpass for it before you arrive. This way you know there will be Fastpasses available still and you don’t have to wait while you’re there. It’s a free service so you might as well take advantage of it.

7) Leaving the parks when it rains

It’s just water. You paid all this money and travelled all this way to leave because of water? I honestly just don’t get this one. Prepare for a rainy day by bringing a rain coat, umbrella, or poncho, or if you’re visiting in the summer know that it’s probably a thunderstorm that will be over in about forty minutes. In most cases, I don’t see rain as a reason to leave the park.

8) Not purchasing park hoppers

If you know you can tour the parks the way you like without park hoppers, then disregard this point. In general however, I always think getting the park hopper option is worth it. I love having the flexibility to break up the day between different parks.

9) Leaving immediately after the fireworks

If you leave the parks (especially the Magic Kingdom) you’re going to be stuck in a large crowd of other guests doing the exact same thing. The line for the monorails or buses will be insane, and you’ll probably wish you had just stayed in the park-- which is exactly what I do. Even if the park is closed, and I’m not in the mood to shop on Main Street, I’ll sit on a bench and people-watch, and then leave once the crowd has died down.


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