Top 20 Dining Options at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Crystal Palace

Throughout the years, the food offered at Magic Kingdom has come a long way. Burgers and fries and hotdogs are still readily available around every corner, but if your palate is longing for something other than your typical park fare, you will now find plenty of unique, intriguing, and delicious eats gracing these once predictable menus. The menu items weren’t the only things getting a facelift over the years—we have watched Disney create sensational, immersive dining experiences which have only grown more exciting as the years go by, often eliciting more enthusiasm than the rides and attractions themselves. Between the many counter service and table service restaurants, you may have a hard time deciding what direction to set your compass to when your stomach starts growling at Magic Kingdom. We here at Disney Fanatic have created a guide of the top 20 dining options—both table and counter service—at Magic Kingdom, because we want your appetites to be satisfied in the most magical way!

20. Main Street Bakery

Though this IS indeed a Starbucks now, it is still called the Main Street Bakery, at least according to the outside signage. If you aren’t a fan of this controversial move by Disney, you may want to skip to the next number in our countdown, but if you CAN get past the fact that Starbucks has taken over this stop on Main Street and caused the Bakery’s beloved cinnamon roll to disappear as if it wasn’t loved and craved by millions, then read on. Many people love Starbucks, not just for their long list of addicting and tasty beverages, but also for their snacks, desserts and, yes, artisan breakfast sandwiches. These sandwiches are available until they are out of stock which means that if you’re lucky you might have a chance of snagging a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich for lunch (which seems to be on trend at the moment). Though this option might not be considered a complete meal by many people, these sandwiches are hearty, filling, and quite tasty, and coupled with a Grande Toasted Graham Latte (yes, I’m a sucker for their seasonal drinks) it will undoubtedly tide you over until your next meal.

19. Liberty Square Market

I’m not a big “luncher,” which only means that even though I’m a foodie to the core, I don’t like putting away large portions of food for lunch because being stuffed in the middle of the day only makes me tired. This makes grabbing a quick bite at the Liberty Square Market, tucked between the Hall of Presidents and Haunted Mansion attraction, perfect for folks like me who want a time-saving, less-stuffed-feeling meal option. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t serve rabbit food here and you CAN leave feeling completely full and satisfied. Offering unique choices like roasted corn on the cob with flavored seasonings (choose from Barbecue Spice, Italian Seasoning Blend, Lemon Pepper Blend, Smoked Paprika and Salt Blend, or Jamaican Jerk Spice), baked potatoes, hot dogs, and seasonal fresh fruits, this is a perfect stop for a quick and tasty meal on the go.

18. Lunching Pad

Located smack dab in the middle of Tomorrowland, the Lunching Pad is famous for their classic Coney Island Hot Dog and frozen carbonated beverages. Apple slices or chips come with the hot dog and if you opt to finish out your meal with the sweet cream cheese pretzel for dessert, you will probably be in need of a couple belt-buckle-loosening, relaxing trips around the People Mover (located just above this food stop) before getting on with your day. The food here is simple, yet scrumptious.

Ice Cream At The Plaza

17. The Plaza Restaurant (Ice Cream Pictured Above)

As one of the original restaurants in the Magic Kingdom, eating at this quaint, old-fashioned and cozy table-service restaurant tucked away just off the end of Main Street has become a tradition to many who enjoy their comfort food offerings and Art Noveau-esque atmosphere. Their menu features delicious home-style meatloaf, Reuben sandwiches, Chicken-Strawberry Salads, and a Beef Brisket Onion Burger, among many other wonderful options. Often overlooked, this restaurant is considered a hidden gem by many guests.

16. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

Why do we adore this busy quick service restaurant? Two words—Sonny Eclipse. If you have little squirmers in your party (i.e. quick-eating toddlers), this is the perfect dining option to keep them entertained while you enjoy (not JUST eat) your food. Sonny is an audio-animatronic character (alien?) who fits right into the Tomorrowland theme and shares plenty of cheesy jokes and songs to keep patrons smiling throughout their meal. The house specialties include rotisserie chicken and ribs, burgers (and vegetarian burgers), hot dogs, Greek salad, chicken, turkey, and vegetable sandwiches, chicken nuggets and several other tasty selections. A generous toppings bar also graces this popular dining spot.

15. Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

Though my childhood memories of this restaurant include scarfing down an impossibly thick, doughy pizza square which I still to this day crave, the menu offerings at this quick service, SEASONAL, Tomorrowland eatery no longer include this American favorite. Instead, you’ll find salads, hot dogs, burgers, chicken nuggets, and our favorite—the lobster roll. We love this dining option for the food, but the view is what gets us truly excited about dining here. At night, this location becomes a specialty ticketed fireworks viewing spot because of its stellar view of Cinderella Castle.

14. The Diamond Horseshoe

This Frontierland quick-service lunch spot is also seasonal to busy park days and though it offers only three options for lunch—a Barbeque Chicken Sandwich, a Turkey Sandwich, and Chef Salad—this charming saloon-like restaurant is a winner if you get the pleasure of being at the park when it’s actually open. Our tip: If you order the salad, get the dressing on the side, but we recommend the Barbeque Chicken Sandwich—the clear favorite on the menu. Also make sure you order the Root Beer Slush to accompany your meal—the brain freeze is well worth it.

13. Friar’s Nook

Mac n’ Cheese is the name of the game at this quick-service Fantasyland dining spot, offering unique varieties of the classic comfort food. You can order Pot Roast Mac n’ Cheese, Barbeque Chicken Mac n’ Cheese, or the basic Mac n’ Cheese, topped with toasted panko bread crumbs. Not only is the food here delicious and filling, but probably the BEST thing to eat on the go. You will also find hot dogs, veggies and hummus and a couple of yummy desserts on the menu.

12. Tony’s Town Square

I won’t sugar-coat it—this place is typically a hit or miss for us. Though it’s not a home-run every time, we have had plenty of wonderful dining experiences here in this Town Square table-service restaurant themed after the restaurant featured in the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp. And of course, because of the movie, you’ll find that the Spaghetti and Meatball meal is one of the most popular, but their flatbreads and pizzas are definitely worth a try. All in all, if you’ve had one bad experience here, don’t let that turn you off of this charming restaurant for good.

11. Tortuga Tavern

Because our seasonal pass doesn’t let us see the light of a Magic Kingdom summer day, we rarely get to eat at this seasonal quick service dining spot located just across the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Adventureland. But Tortuga Tavern doesn’t just open its doors during the summer, so we have had the occasional opportunity to scarf down some good grub at this must-eat dining location. Once offering Mexican food, this eatery now features three different barbeque sandwiches—Pork, Beef Brisket, and Chicken. You will also find a Roasted Corn and Vegetable Salad, which can also be topped with a barbequed meat offering of your choice sans sandwich bread.

10. Pinocchio’s Village Haus

This quaint quick-service cottage restaurant with an overlook into the It’s a Small World attraction offers yummy Italian menu items, and has, in our opinion, redeemed itself from the once bland offerings of an old forgettable menu. You can now feast on flatbread pizzas, meatball subs, macaroni and cheese, Mediterranean salad, and Italian soups and sandwiches. Truly, they offer a little bit of something for everyone here! On busy days, you might even spot a Cast Member making her way through the restaurant, charming patrons with a Pinocchio-like marionette. Tip: The upstairs dining is limited, but is our favorite place to eat, especially if you can snag an outdoor table overlooking Prince Charming Regal Carousel.

9. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café

So long, burgers and chicken nuggets and chili! Pecos Bill’s is the most recent restaurant to undergo a complete menu overhaul and we couldn’t be happier! This quick-service eatery located next door to the Country Bear Jamboree now features Mexican fare (which is presumably why Tortuga Tavern revamped their menu as well), offering items like Fajita Platters, Burritos, and Rice Bowls. The famous Fixins Bar which used to feature burger toppings now offers an assortment of sauces and salsas, as well as peppers, onions, and cheese. It’s a welcome change in our opinion, as their previous menu was growing rather stale and offered arguably sub-par meals. Our tip: Grab lunch here just before the afternoon parade, and then head outside for one of our favorite viewing locations alongside the streets of Frontierland!

Le Fous Brew

8. Gaston’s Tavern

It isn’t hard to decide on a meal here as they only offer one—you heard me right—ONE meal option: the roasted pork shank. Along with the pork shank, you’ll find snacks and treats like hummus and chips, fruit, and the famous tavern cinnamon roll. The spotlight shines brightly, however, on the pork shank, earning a reputation for being juicier and just plain tastier than the iconic turkey leg. The Roasted Pork Shank receives rave reviews and is definitely worth a try alongside the much-loved Lefou’s Brew . Seating is somewhat limited in this small, dark pub-like quick service stop located inside New Fantasyland, but if you are fortunate enough to snag a seat, you will most certainly feel like you are dining in the same tavern straight out of the movie Beauty and the Beast. And if you’re lucky, Gaston himself might burst through the doors and grace you with his boisterous, egocentric, self-loving presence.

7. Crystal Palace

A buffet that comes with a character dining experience? Where do we sign up?! Well, you will need to make sure you DO sign up (i.e. make reservations) well in advance of your trip to secure a table at this very popular restaurant located just beyond Main Street, USA as you head toward Adventureland. Winnie the Pooh and his forest friends are found frolicking amongst the patrons here, dancing and snapping pics with guests in the middle of their meal experience. This location is open for breakfast, lunch AND dinner and features the characters all day long! Our tip: Book a breakfast reservation just before the park opens, allowing you entrance through the gates and giving you a unique opportunity to experience Magic Kingdom in its empty and quiet state as you head to the restaurant.

6. Cinderella’s Royal Table

If you’ve ever wanted to dine with princesses in a luxuriously royal setting, here is your chance! We love the fact that you can dine here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and that regardless of the time of day you will be visited by Cinderella and her regal friends while you eat. This signature dining experience will most certainly leave a lasting magical memory, not only because of the phenomenal entrees, but also because of the experience as a whole. You are dining in Cinderella’s Castle, for goodness sake; does it get any more magical than that? This setting is perfect whether you are taking a family vacation with children or even as a romantic dining option. This is a must-do dining experience for everyone!

5. Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

There isn’t much to this small outdoor quick service dining spot located just as you enter Liberty Square, but boy are the menu items worthy of attention and praise! Overlooking Cinderella Castle while you dine, you have the option of choosing between a sweet or savory waffle sandwich, and they are earth-shatteringly delicious (can you tell we LOVE them?!). The sweet and sour chicken sandwich is a winner in our book for a very, very filling lunch and if you have room for dessert, the Nutella and Fruit Waffle Sandwich is worth writing home about. You can also find funnel cakes here as well as my personal favorite, the homemade ice cream cookie sandwich.

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4. Columbia Harbour House

We love the atmosphere almost as much as we love the seafaring food found at this quick service eatery located in Liberty Square. The dimly lit and cozy nautical two-story restaurant offers items like tuna sandwiches, hummus veggie sandwiches, lobster rolls, and fried shrimp platters. Our favorite thing about this place is the often missed second story dining section which is rarely crowded, overlooks the streets of Liberty Square, and is a great place to stretch your legs and enjoy a quiet, relaxed, non-rushed meal. We’ve never experienced a meal we haven’t loved here, but if you wanted our top pick, it would hands down be the lobster roll. Tip: Even though the lobster roll is only featured on the lunch menu, you can request it during the dinner hours as well!

Caseys Corner

3. Casey’s Corner

If you want a meal that hits it out of the ballpark, check out Casey’s Corner, a quick service eatery located just at the end of Main Street, featuring hot dogs, fries, corn dog nuggets and, of course, Cracker Jacks! The ragtime pianist tickling the ivories outside this popular dining spot is not to be missed and if you get an opportunity to catch the daily opening ceremony where they choose a child to “throw the first pitch,” you will adore this place even more! Following a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” the guests waiting to enter are all given a box of Cracker Jacks on the house! Guests can choose between three types of hot dogs here: Barbeque Slaw Hot Dog, Polish Hot Dog, and Chili-Cheese Hot Dog.

2. Liberty Tree Tavern

Stepping foot into this table-service restaurant located in Liberty Square will instantly transport you to 18th century colonial America and the fine fare found here has all the old-fashioned fixings you would expect. Pot roasts, pastas, salads and burger entrées grace the lunch menu, while a Thanksgiving style family feast awaits you during the dinner hours. The dinner feast is all-you-can-eat and will happily fill your belly with roasted turkey breast, carved beef, and sliced pork with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, stuffing, and macaroni & cheese. Whether you visit during lunch or dinner, make certain you leave room for the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, one of the most delicious, most popular desserts at Walt Disney World.

1. Be Our Guest Restaurant

Currently the most sought after place to dine at Disney World, Be Our Guest Restaurant has all the whimsy and wonder of the Disney classic it was inspired by—Beauty and the Beast. The Imagineers left no stone unturned at this new(ish) restaurant located in New Fantasyland. As you dine inside one of three elaborately themed rooms in the Beast’s castle, you will be treated to delicious French-inspired foods and mouthwatering desserts. Be Our Guest Restaurant offers a casual breakfast and lunch quick service food setting, while the dinner hour features table-service fine dining. The consistently delicious entrees found here coupled with the jaw-dropping ambiance make this restaurant our number one choice for dining at Magic Kingdom!

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