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Wild TRON Injury Reportedly Leaves Guest With Broken Rib

tron ride vehicle

It’s not often we hear of a major Disney guest injury at a Disney theme park. Disney is renowned for its great customer service and its fun, safe environment. Its attention to health and safety, with Cast Members trained in safety procedures. the “SafeD begins with me” Cast Member mantra, and, of course, its intense pandemic regulations all have helped ...

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The 10 BEST Disney Bear Reactions

bear magic kingdom disney world main street

If you missed the news that a bear was roaming Walt Disney World this week, where have you been? On September 18, Frontierland, Liberty Square, and parts of Adventureland were closed and nearly a dozen attractions at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park were off-limits to guests as Cast Members and Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials raced ...

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Disney Guests Damage TRON – And It’s Embarrassing

tron lightcycle run magic kingdom mickey facepalm

Is Disney quality slacking? TRON Lightcycle / Run is Walt Disney World’s newest attraction, a roller coaster with a unique vehicle design that has Magic Kingdom guests race through the “Grid” in a futuristic setting. With Universal set to open its new Epic Universe theme park soon, however, Disney has some competition, and it’s not looking great when Disney’s newest ...

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Wild Bear Found in Magic Kingdom, Half of Park Shut Down

Bear at Magic Kingdom

Wild animals sometimes show up on Walt Disney World property. Central Florida is home to some genuinely amazing yet dangerous creatures. Alligators have caused shocking and heartbreaking incidents at the theme park, and bears have been sighted around the grounds on multiple occasions. However, an extremely dangerous and imposing animal has never reportedly been found INSIDE a Magic Kingdom attraction ...

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“Literally No One” at Disney’s Newest Ride: Park Ostensibly Creates “False Scarcity” To Raise Prices

tron magic kingdom disney world

A guest shared a photo of Magic Kingdom’s latest addition, TRON: Lightcycle/Run…only to note the ride is completely empty only a few short months after its opening. The Walt Disney World Resort is known for being “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” The Central Florida Disney resort is globally renowned for its attractions and rides, and four fantastical theme parks ...

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Disney Guests Film Fight With “Disrespectful” Cast Member, Internet Calls Them Out Instead

Disney cast member altercation

There are two sides to every story. While viral videos of altercations often sway certain people in a specific direction, many viewers can often recognize subtle details that paint a much different story. The beginning of a video is not necessarily the start of an encounter. Recently viral footage of a Disney guest seeking to find a “disrespectful Disney employee” ...

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Disney Ride Continues Despite Painfully Broken Wrist

Carousel of Progress broken wrist

Guests at Walt Disney World were forced to watch quite a painful sight recently at the Magic Kingdom Park. While the beloved Carousel of Progress ride usually encompasses humanity’s many technological innovations over the years, this particular moment did something special. The attraction showed that progress cannot be stopped for anything, even when John Progress has broken his wrist! The ...

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Here’s the Latest on the Hatbox Ghost Coming to the Magic Kingdom!

hatbox ghost magic kingdom

We all know the Hatbox Ghost is coming to the Magic Kingdom, but now, we know more about this favored specter, which will soon appear in Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. Going to the Magic Kingdom is one of the most cherished trips fans can take while indulging in a Disney vacation. From rides and attractions like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ...

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Romance Troubles in the Magic Kingdom: Jungle Cruise Skipper Leaves Audience in Splits

jungle cruise skipper joke

One Disney Park Jungle Cruise skipper brought her A game recently, leaving Disney World visitors laughing out loud with her self-deprecating humor. One of the best parts of a Disney Park vacation is interacting with Cast Members. Both at the Walt Disney World Resort and at the Disneyland Resort, Cast Members undergo rigorous training in order to deliver the magical ...

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Meet the Adorable New Addition to Cinderella’s Story

white horse cinderella carriage disney world weddings

The iconic Disney princess and fairy tale heroine Cinderella might feel like her star is fading — or at least, the original version of her star — since her 1950 animated movie has been outshined by the 2015 Lily James film and since the original 1950 movie has just undergone a big change. However, Cinderella is still among the most ...

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