Top Experiences for Your Walt Disney World Bucket List

Cinderella Castle
Remember when your bucket list began with the words, “Go to Disney World?” Unlike other items we can experience or complete and then mark off our personal bucket lists, the check mark next to “go to Disney World” only leads to more bucket list items—“Go to Disney twice this year,” “Visit the parks at Christmastime,” etc. It quickly becomes apparent that we need a separate list, just for the items we want to accomplish and experience at Walt Disney World only. And let’s be honest—Disney bucket lists are much more thrilling, exhilarating and exciting than any other bucket list. Here are 30 Disney World bucket list items to get you started. Some of these are on my personal Disney bucket list—some that I’ve already crossed off and some that are still in the works. How many of these can you cross off your list?

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