Top 6 Spookiest Scenes from the Haunted Mansion in Disney World

Haunted Mansion Library

5. Creepy Corridors

Speaking of halls, the manor’s monstrous hallways and corridors serve as the rider’s first dive into the realms of the supernatural. As the Doom Buggy carries guests through the manor's halls, they are spirited away through a library with sinister statues, a corridor of changing artwork, a frightening funeral display in the conservatory, a demonic clock, and an endless hallway with breathing doors. Every detail in these scenes further sets the foreboding atmosphere. The spirits are just beginning to materialize, so there is little amount of physical manifestation as far as ghosts are concerned. Fear not, dear reader, the real chills come later. In order to properly interact with the Happy Haunts, we must venture to the next scene.


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