Top 9 Secrets for Doing Disney Right

Castle Main St. USA

9. Identify what kind of vacationer you are.

If you prefer to plan everything right down to the wire, then that's what you should do! Likewise, if you view an open schedule as freedom instead of a frightening void, then you'll most likely do better with a very small list of priorities--perhaps just a note that says "have fun"! If you're in between the two (like many people are), then go for a list of priorities that is bigger than a sticky note, but still very short. Somewhere between five and ten priority attractions is probably the most manageable. Knowing how you operate--whether it's with a minute-by-minute strategy, no strategy, or a small list--will help you give yourself the Disney vacation that you really deserve.

Now that you've gotten the basics for a successful trip to Walt Disney World, grab your lanyard of Disney pins and get going! Disney is waiting for you!

By Sharon

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