Toy Story Land is Open! 7 Exciting Things You’ll Love About This New Land at Disney World Resort

Green Army Men _ Toy Story Land

Let's Recap!

7. Theming Is A Chart Topper

Disney outdid themselves with the theming on this new addition. I can honestly say that Toy Story Land provided one of the most immersive experiences at Walt Disney World. We visited the park during morning Extra Magic Hours and were immediately struck by the noticeable scale that brought the story to life.  From sitting on Baby Bell Cheese roll stools at Woody’s Lunchbox at breakfast, to posing with the famous Pixar Ball and realizing I really was the size of a toy- the theming in Toy Story Land is superb.

6. Eating at Woody’s Lunch Box

Woody’s Lunchbox is a must visit if you are in Toy Story Land. The great thing about his quick service eatery is that it serves all day. We visited it for breakfast to enjoy s’more French toast and of course the signature raspberry tart. The menu is fun and kid friendly, think lunchbox foods like Baby Bell cheese snacks, turkey sandwiches, potato chips and easy to eat desserts. Prices are reminiscent of other quick service eateries in the park with an entree meal that comes with a sandwich and a side costing between ten and thirteen dollars. We recommend stopping by for a mystic portal punch and raspberry or chocolate hazelnut tart whenever you are in Toy Story Land.

5. Riding with the Little Green Men

Those adorable little green men from Pizza Planet now have their own attraction at Hollywood Studios. Do not miss riding Alien Swirling Saucers when you visit Toy Story Land. Think spinning bumper cars while you anticipate who is chosen by the infamous claw. So far this attraction line has generally been shorter than Slinky Dog Dash. Still, enjoying this ride during Extra Magic Hours or with a FastPass+ ticket is a good idea to save time.

4. Meeting Your Favorite Pixar Characters

Toy Story Land is now the go to location to meet all your favorite toys. This park expansion made a great space for Pixar Character Greetings; now guests can visit with Woody, Buzz and Jessie at a themed area between Woody’s Lunchbox and Toy Story Mania. We hope that this Character Greetings area means that the list of characters will be expanded and that guests can soon meet other Toy Story characters like Lotso the bear and the army men during their park day.

3. All the Photo Opps. & A Third Track on Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Land is so detailed you will want a million photos.  From the benches made of Popsicle sticks and the ride queues created with craft supplies from Andy’s room, to Woody’s Lunchbox, Character Greetings and the giant Pixar ball, you will be reaching for your camera every few seconds in Toy Story Land. An exciting expansion of the classic Toy Story Mania happened in conjunction with the park opening.  A third track was added to the ride in an effort to reduce wait times. The entrance to the ride is now located in Toy Story Land.

2. A New Home for Toy Story Fans

With three awesome Toy Story movies, there are more than a few die-hard Toy Story fans out there. When visiting on opening day we met guests decked out in head to toe Toy Story gear that had been waiting a long time to experience the park expansion. Just being around the energy of Toy Story lovin’ guests enhanced the park experience and reminded me, others are as crazy about Toy Story as I am about Disney princesses.

1.    Riding Slinky Dog Dash

Undoubtedly, the most anticipated part of Toy Story Land is Slinky Dog Dash Rollercoaster.  This attraction made news for the record wait times that exceeded seven hours during opening weekend. Slinky Dog Dash is an incredible ride that puts you on Slinky’s back during a whirlwind ride around Andy’s backyard.  You ride through Christmas lights staked up by number two pencils, hand drawn backdrops created by Andy himself and favorite toy friends like Rex and Jessie. We absolutely suggest arriving at rope drop to see this attraction, or better yet arriving for the rope drop of morning Extra Magic Hours at Hollywood Studios and heading over to this attraction first thing.

By Katherine

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