Video: Guests Left Up in the Air During an Emergency Stop on Soarin’

Attraction breakdowns and evacuations can happen often at theme parks, but Guests visiting Disney California Adventure Park earlier this week were in for quite the experience when they were left hanging, literally, during an emergency stop on Soarin’ Over California.

The popular ride offers views of each region of California from the perspective of a hang glider as Guests are seated but raised up about 50 feet off the ground. Guests are safely strapped in during the experience, however in this instance even after the pre-ride safety check the ride system alerted Cast Members of a malfunction with a seatbelt in the middle section, causing an emergency stop and ride evacuation in this Disney park. 

Take a look at the video below from TikTok users @bobandkelly who were on the attraction at the time:


Riding Soarin Over California at Disney California Adventure and there was an emergency shutdown due to a seatbelt malfunction in the middle section #soarinovercalifornia #soarin #ridebreakdown #disneyridebreakdown #stuck #rideevacuation #disneyland

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Thankfully, everyone riding the attraction at the time was okay, and while a situation like this might seem frightening for Guests, Cast Members are trained to evacuate everyone as safely as possible. And, if you do end up being evacuated off a Disney attraction, you would likely receive a pass to come back and ride again later without having to go through the standby line.

Credit: Disney

While we don’t know the exact issue that took place with the seatbelt that caused this recent stop on Soarin, we cannot stress enough the importance of wearing your seatbelt properly on anything theme park attraction (and making sure your kids do the same.) Cast Members will perform seatbelt checks on riders before a ride begins depending on the nature of an attraction, but it is still a good idea to make sure your seatbelt is secure in the first place.

Soarin’ was not the only recent attraction to keep Guests waiting up in the air. Earlier this week, some Guests at Walt Disney World found themselves in a similar situation before being evacuated off of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney‘s Hollywood Studios. Peter Pan‘s Flight is another attraction where a park Guest might be hanging out quite literally before the Disney ride evacuation could take place. Still, Guest safety is the priority for Cast Members whether on Main Street in Disneyland or ‘in the skies’ above California.


If you do find yourself in an evacuation off a Disney attraction, be sure to follow all Cast Member instructions, and enjoy your surprise behind the scenes look at the ride! And if you are visiting the Disneyland Resort soon, be sure to ride Soarin’! The attraction is only operating as Soarin’ Over California for the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival through April 26, 2022. After this limited run, it will be back to being consistent with the EPCOT version of the ride with Soarin’ Around the World.

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