Video: Meet the Dogs Who Work Alongside Disney Security Cast Members

At Walt Disney World, even a working dog gets a Cast Member ID! Disney Parks official TikTok account recently shared a behind-the-scenes look at some of the security dogs that help protect the magic at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Check out the video of these incredible K9 Cast Members below:


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In the video, Walt Disney World security Cast Members Michelle and Jen introduce Guests to their K9 coworkers, including five-year-old Golden Retriever Jordan and four-year-old German Shepherd named Chore.

Jordan’s favorite thing to do when he’s not on the clock is to roll around and scratch his back (and if you’ve watched the video, you know he looks adorable doing it!) Chore has been working with Walt Disney World’s security team for about three years, and one of her favorite things to do is to play catch!

Credit: Disney

Human Cast Member Jen shared that one of her favorite moments she gets to experience while working with Disney’s security dogs takes place when she is stationed at the entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While entering this Disney Park, Guests are often found sharing their excitement over seeing their first animal of the day when they pass by Chore! The excitement over seeing this hardworking pup creates a magical moment that while keeping Guests safe truly just creates extra happiness (and who wouldn’t feel that way over starting your day with a Chore sighting?)

Credit: Disney

As working Cast Members at the Walt Disney World Resort, these pups even get their own Cast Member blue IDs! Be sure to wave hello if you see Chore, Jordan, and other K9 Cast Members during your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort (and remember that working dogs, both in security and Guest service dogs may not be pet. But a friendly hello from a distance is always welcome!)

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