Walt Disney World’s Guiltiest Pleasures Our Appetite Can’t Resist

Kitchen Sink

When it comes to over-indulging, Walt Disney World knows how to spoil their guests. From high-class dining to buffets to snack carts, Disney is not the place to watch your waistline. (And you shouldn’t. You’re on vacation!) Today we’ve gathered up our favorite ways to indulge during meal and snack times. Save room in your tummy and be prepared for some impressed taste buds.


1. Fruit and Hazelnut Waffle – Sleepy Hollow

This Magic Kingdom gem may not have the notoriety of the Dole Whip, but that is a mystery. Whether you’re looking for a filling breakfast, a midday snack, or dessert – this waffle sandwich is perfect for the active park-goer. Generously stuffed with Nutella and overflowing with fresh fruit, you can’t feel too guilty about inhaling one of these. So, grab a sandwich and a seat with a beautiful view of the castle. You’re going to burn it off later anyway!

Waffle Sandwich

2. Dole Whip Float – Aloha Isle

Speaking of Dole whips though, we can’t ignore this staple treat. May we interest you in the improved version? Dole Whip floats take this citrus treat to the next level by including more ice cream and fresh pineapple juice combined in a tall glass. So, if you find yourself sweating on a humid day and can’t pick between a drink and an ice cream cone, this is the perfect compromise.

3. Cinnamon Roll – Gaston’s Tavern

A luxurious treat that was once a staple of the Main Street Bakery, fans despaired when the bakery rebranded as a Starbucks. Fortunately, the most beloved item on the menu simply changed locations. You can now find huge and fluffy cinnamon rolls nestled inside Gaston’s Tavern. To be honest, calling this dessert a “roll” is misleading. It’s pretty much a small cake. On the plus side, this is shareable and won’t leave either party even slightly hungry! But if you finish the whole thing by yourself, we promise not to tell.

Cinnamon Bun _ disney world desserts _ disney fanatic

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4. Kitchen Sink – Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

When it comes to shareable desserts, the Beach Club Resort is home to the ultimate ice cream shop. Advertised as a treat for four people, the Kitchen Sink sundae could easily feed your entire family. This massive dish includes every flavor of ice cream and every sundae topping available. (The toppings include much more than typical maraschino cherries and syrup.) Dig into this tiny mountain of ice cream smothered in marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, whipped cream, hot fudge, entire pastries, and more. You may be too full to move, but if your party can finish this dessert, it will be a well-earned victory.

5. Nachos Grande – Planet Hollywood Observatory

The parks may be overflowing with goodies, but some of the most mouthwatering choices await you in Disney Springs. When Downtown Disney rebranded to Disney Springs, it brought a slew of restaurants. It also encouraged current restaurants to step up their game. This was the case with the classic movie lover destination, Planet Hollywood. It was renamed the Planet Hollywood Observatory and rethemed to mimic a stellar planetarium. The menu continued to be as delicious as ever and the Nachos Grande is edible proof. Advertised as feeding at least two people, this appetizer is piled high enough to be the main course. Gorge on this concoction of fresh tortilla chips, guacamole, olives, jalapenos, and cheese. Trust us, you’ll understand the hype.

6. Cupcakes – Sprinkles

If you’re hanging around Disney Springs for dessert, you can’t miss their tantalizing Sprinkles location. For any doubters, this is no ordinary bakery and these are no ordinary cupcakes. These are muffin-sized treats that come in endless flavors. And they’re all accompanied by an extremely generous frosted topping. Stop by for a classic vanilla cake or try one of the seasonal flavors, like chocolate peppermint or gingerbread. And if you’re looking to avoid lines or people, consider going to the cupcake ATM. (Yes, this is real!) Purchase a fresh baked good with the same ease as grabbing a candy bar. You might be tempted to get one for the road too.

7. Shine on Tap – Homecomin’

For guests 21 years or older, this is a treat for a very hot (or very stressful) day! The popular Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ restaurant isn’t just known for juicy comfort food. It’s also known for smooth and delicious moonshine. Their outdoor moonshine bar offers a variety of cocktails that offer both a good kick and delicious flavor. Consider prolonging the fun by purchasing a refillable sipper. For just $22, you can take your to-go cup back for endless $13 refills. (Please keep in mind that you’d pay the same $13 for one regular cocktail.) Try a sample of the moonshine to be sure, but you’re probably going to need this cost-effective cup.

8. All You Care to Enjoy Patriot’s Platter – Liberty Tree Tavern

While every buffet isn’t open yet, the Liberty Tree Tavern is open for over-eating. Settle into the cozy, Colonial-inspired atmosphere and enjoy a family-style meal from the safety of your table. Every table is treated to a refillable platter that consists of fresh turkey, pork, potatoes, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving dinner staples. Take your time savoring each dish, but don’t forget to save room for second helpings and dessert. The sinful Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake is a not-miss. Grab those reservations now and enjoy this year-round feast!

You might need to put in a little extra time at the gym, but I think we can all agree that Disney food is worth it. For now, loosen your belt and treat yourself to everything on this list. In the words of Maui, “You’re welcome!”

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