Walt Disney World’s Value Resorts & Why We Love Them

Annual Walt Disney World regulars have refined the art of trimming Disney vacation costs. This can include traveling during the off-season, forgoing table-service restaurants, and avoiding the gift shops. That being said, there is one perk that many Disney lovers cannot give up. Staying on Disney property. The first-rate guest service, convenience, free transportation, and magical décor truly makes visitors feel immersed in the Disney “bubble”. While these on-property hotels tend to be more expensive than non-Disney counterparts, there is a cheaper option for thrifty fans. Value Resorts. While there is a misconception that anything with the term “value” in it must be of lesser quality, we are here to dispel that notion. Let us explain what they are and why many consider these to be a home away from home.

1. Larger-Than-Life Theming

Art of Animation
Photo: Disney (Art of Animation)

First of all, the Value tier of resorts can boast of the most immersive and unapologetically Disneyfied theming. The resorts are as follows. The All-Star resorts consist of three hotels that are either themed by music genres, sports, or popular films. The Pop Century Resort is designed to celebrate pop culture references for various decades. And lastly, the Art of Animation resort celebrates the process of creating animated films. While the themes vary, each resort features huge Disney icons and colorful pool areas that are dripping in references. Simply put, these resorts are a huge hit with kids and kids-at-heart. The photo opportunities are plentiful, so you’ll want to have your phone on hand at all times.

2.  All the Comfort Food

All Star Food Court

Value resorts are beloved by families for many reasons. Food is definitely one of those reasons. All five hotels have massive on-site food courts serving everything from burgers to artisanal gelato. With a vast array of options, there is something to please everyone from a foodie parent to their incredibly picky toddler. (Allow me to recommend Pop Century’s world-famous tie-dye cheesecake.) Best of all, each food court starts operating at the crack of dawn and stays open late enough to satisfy bedtime munchies. And if you’re feeling especially indulgent, you can even have fresh pizza delivered to your room. Whatever floats your boat, it’s probably on one of the menus.

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3. Revamped Rooms

Art of Animation – Cars Room

While the Art of Animation rooms are fresh and as inventive as ever, the older Value hotels used to be known for suitable but unremarkable guests rooms. Luckily though, (starting with Pop Century) the guest rooms have slowly but surely been experiencing makeovers. These makeovers are resulting in hardwood floors, crisp Disney theming, and tables that can be stored inside the wall at your convenience. These new guest rooms are becoming so popular, guests have started to request them when booking trips! For guests that love colorful theming, but prefer more sedate surroundings at bedtime, the new rooms cropping up in the Value Tier will be just what the doctor ordered.

4. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

All Star music Resort

While WDW as a whole is geared towards families, some spots cater more to families with small children. If you’re a parent looking for a cheery vibe where you’ll be surrounded by fellow parents who understand the daily struggle of packing a stroller, you’ll feel accommodated at a Value resort. The cast members working at these resorts are accustomed to helping families have the most magical and easy-going trip as possible. For example, all of the Value resorts feature free movie nights by the pool areas and many have pool-time activities for kids to participate in during the day. (Can anyone else say Limbo Contest?) All in all, the Value resorts are a great place for families to be surrounded by kindred spirits and cast members who are eager to assist when you need a little pixie dust at the end of a long day.

5. Reasonable Rates

All Star Sports Resort
Photo Credit: Disney

The Value Tier resorts earned their name for a reason. They are truly the best value for your money for on-property accommodations. While these hotels may not feature upscale table service restaurants or the largest guest rooms, they feature every other on-site perk at a fraction of the cost of Moderate and Deluxe hotels. These perks include free bus transportation, Disney Skyliner transportation for Pop Century and Art of Animation, access to special vacation packages, and top-of-the-line guest services at all hours. A couple of quick calculations will reveal that a big chunk of vacation funds will go towards accommodations. When it comes to taking a family of four or more, why not pick a cheaper, but equally magical option?

With so many reasons to try an affordable Value tier resort, there is nothing to stop you from booking your dream vacation! Your wallet will thank you and your family will have the most magical time yet. Happy Booking!

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