We’ve Ranked the Attractions at Hollywood Studios, and Here They Are!

Star Tours

3. Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

If you like Avatar: Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom and Soarin’ Around the World and Test Track at EPCOT, you might be a sucker for the simulation rides at Disney (and who isn’t??). Your simulation attraction list wouldn’t be complete without Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I’m not a Star Warsjunkie, but I love this ride. Star Tours is a 3D simulated space flight to destinations made popular by the Star Warssaga. You’ll put on your 3D glasses and make your way to your seat aboard the StarSpeeder 1000. Then you’ll be instructed to buckle up while you wait for C-3PO to finish his work in the “cockpit.” All is going well until you realize that the doors to the StarSpeeder have closed, and C-3PO is still at the controls—and he’s not experienced with flying a ship like this one. Thankfully, there are those more experienced at a remote location who can assist C-3PO, but not before the StarSpeeder takes off—sometimes in reverse—and we are on board for a fast flight with sudden drops, quick turns and near-misses with creatures of all kinds. FastPass+ service is available for this attraction, and you’ll need one during peak seasons. (Note: If you want to feel every part of this thrilling simulation, don’t sit in the back row—you don’t feel the drops and turns as vividly as you do if you sit in the front and middle rows!)

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