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What We Despise About Our Last Day at Walt Disney World

A vacation at Walt Disney Resort is always magical. That said, there is one part about every Disney vacation that we dread. That’s right, there’s something we actually don’t love about Disney getaways. Wondering what that could be? Our answer is the same answer most would have: the last day. We never like saying goodbye to our favorite place in the world, and although we know there are plenty more magical vacations to come, heading home is never a happy affair. While we still do our best to have fun on our final day in the most magical place on earth, there is always a feeling of sadness that hangs around all day long, and there are certain parts of the day that sting even a bit more.


If you’re headed to Walt Disney World soon, you may want to prepare yourself for this feeling of sadness. You may also want to know ahead of time which parts of the last day are going to be the most painful. Lucky for you, the list below gives you all the info you need to prepare yourself for that bittersweet final day.

1. Waking Up Early

Whether you’re leaving early in the morning or just want to squeeze in every last minute of fun, chances are you’ll be getting up early on the last day of your Disney vacation. This is one of our least favorite parts of the day, and we always have trouble dragging ourselves out of bed. That said, we do appreciate the extra time spent in our happy place, and we’re always glad we put in the extra effort and set that alarm.

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2. Packing Our Stuff

Obviously, you’re going to need to get all your things home. Unfortunately, this means packing everything back up. Even if one doesn’t buy anything new, this task is always harder at the end of a trip than at the beginning. Add in all those souvenirs, and this becomes an incredibly daunting task that we absolutely despise, especially since it means leaving Disney World.

3. Picking Our Last Rides

If we’re lucky enough to go into the parks on our last day, there is the task of choosing a final set of attractions to visit before leaving to head home. While we are always thankful for the opportunity to ride a few more things, picking and choosing just a handful of things to experience one more time before leaving can be difficult, and riding knowing you won’t ride again for quite some time is bittersweet.

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4. Choosing a Final Snack

One of our favorite things about Walt Disney World is the food. The snacks are simply amazing, and dining in the parks is an excellent experience. Because of this, we find that choosing our final snack is almost impossible. Should we enjoy one more Mickey Bar or a Dole Whip? Shall we try something new or go with our tried-and-true favorites? These decisions are incredibly difficult when you know you won’t get to make them all over again the next day.

5. The Final Meal

Even harder than choosing a final snack is enjoying that final meal. As mentioned before, the dining in Disney World is top notch, meaning we absolutely adore mealtimes during our Disney vacations. That said, the last meal before we wave goodbye to the place is bittersweet. Sure, it’s just as delicious as ever, and the experience is a wonderful one, but eating knowing you won’t dine at Disney World again for quite some time can be hard, especially if you’re trying to fight back tears.


6. Watching Others Arrive

Perhaps one of the hardest things about the last day of any Disney vacation is watching other vacationers arrive. After all, we know exactly what they’re in for, and we want it all over again. Knowing we can’t have another vacation experience, and that those arriving after us are going to get just that, can cause a bit of jealousy. It also leaves us feeling a bit sorry for ourselves, something nobody wants to feel while spending time in the most magical place on earth.

7. Riding the Magical Express

Riding the Magical Express to your resort from the airport is an exciting experience. We love the feeling of anticipation that fills the bus as we drive closer and closer to Disney property. We also love the little videos that play as we ride along, preparing us for all the fun and magic that is to come. Unfortunately, the ride to the airport from the resort is just as upsetting as the ride to the resort is exciting. There is a feeling of sadness in the air, and nobody ever seems too happy about heading back home. The only consolation are those happy videos that play along the way, reminding us of the good times we had. NOTE: The Magical Express service is scheduled to end January 1, 2022.

8. Saying Goodbye

All of these things that we hate so much about our last day in Disney World can actually be summed up into this one point: We absolutely despise saying goodbye. Yes, we will return again, and yes, it will be as soon as possible. However, it never seems to be soon enough, and we know just how much we’re going to miss those cheery Cast Members, the yummy meals and snacks, waving to our favorite Disney friends, and of course, riding our favorite rides.

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