Docking Bay 7

Why We Love Docking Bay 7 Restaurant in Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

With Galaxy’s Edge blowing guests away with its scenery, irresistible photo ops, and roaming characters – there must be slack in some area, right? Wrong! Unlike many amusement parks, Walt Disney World is admired for going the extra mile. This is evident in almost everything they touch. In this case, Disney chose to offer more than safe burgers and bland chicken finger meals. Today, we’re going to specifically talk about the delicious counter-service restaurant that is Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. Following the shining examples of dining options in Toy Story Land and Pandora: World of Avatar, Galaxy’s Edge can also boast of a quick-restaurant that doesn’t skimp on quality or creativity. Let us list the reasons why Docking Bay 7 is a “must eat” place.


1. Immersive Backstory

Like any Disney attraction, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo has a story behind it that invites guests into another world. This restaurant truly aims to give its visitors an authentic, local dining experience. This Black Spire restaurant is located within a working hangar bay (which explains the unusual design of the tables and chairs.) And the diverse menu is served up by the credited visionary, Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs. Luckily for us, this master chef’s travels inspire his recipes and enables him to keep extensive and exotic ingredients stocked. Also, luckily for us, this master chef welcomes guests into his unorthodox abode to feast on his creations. With every delicious bite you take, be appreciative that “Cookie” shared his culinary gifts.


2. Authentic Setting

Unlike some theme park restaurants, Docking Bay 7 does not feel like a well-themed cafeteria. Instead, this restaurant perfectly mimics an organic Star Wars destination. The inside of the venue is true to the hangar theme – complete with barrels to sit on and large crates for entire families to sit inside. The gritty, industrial look never detracts from the welcoming atmosphere and only adds to the illusion of your visit. And while there are plenty of seats inside, the outside seating area mimics a slightly dilapidated, yet airy, marketplace. (Again, the lack of smooth surfaces and decorative perfection just make the environment all the more believable.) Wherever you grab a seat, you’ll be immersed in genuine Batuu ambiance. You may even see this big hairy guy walking around the restaurant!

Docking Bay 7

3. Ultimate Convenience

Speaking of the seating areas, this restaurant is huge and provides ample space for the hordes of people. (Trust us. This is a welcome feature during the lunch and dinner rush.) Given the small number of food options in Galaxy’s Edge, this place draws in customers. And regarding the crowds, why not skip the line entirely? Docking Bay 7 orders can now be placed ahead of time via the My Disney Experience mobile ordering feature. Selecting your meal slightly earlier than usual is well worth the time. Consider it a FastPass+ for food. And once you see what’s on the menu, your taste buds won’t wait longer than necessary.

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Docking Bay 7

4. Unbelievable Menu

Most importantly of all, the delicious food at Docking Bay 7 speaks for itself.  Few visitors have been disappointed and this spot is now one of the most sought-after eateries in the park. Admittedly, Hollywood Studios has never been known for its cuisine – until recently. Following the example of newer quick-service venues – the menu is inventive, high-quality, and full of rich comfort food. Don’t be off-put by the futuristic-sounding names. There are items for both picky and adventurous diners. Fan favorites include the succulent Kaadu pork ribs and tender Batuuan pot roast. Health-conscious diners can enjoy the hearty Endorian salad that is stuffed with chicken, fresh veggies, quinoa, and curry dressing. Even vegan guests can enjoy scrumptious plant-based pasta dishes. Regardless of tastes, the sheer diversity of meal options is bound to please everyone in your party. (May I suggest the fall-off-the-bone ribs? You may never try anything else on the menu.)

Star Wars Docking Bay 7 Sweets

5. Sweet Endings

Move over Butterbeer. Disney World keeps whipping up desserts that guests can’t help but adore. The headlining sweet at Docking Bay 7 is the Moof Juice. This tasty non-alcoholic drink is a perfect concoction of pineapple, orange, and fruit juices. Refreshing and ideal for the vacationer. Regarding chewable desserts, the fluffy Oi-Oi- Puff and decadent Batuu-bon are perfect finales for your meal. The raspberry-filled Oi-Oi Puff perfects the balance of light, yet satisfying. And the dense Battu-bon is custom baked for the chocolate and coffee lover in your life. Don’t let the industrial vibe of this restaurant fool you. The bakery items are on par with anything in an EPCOT patisserie.

With so many reasons to love Docking Bay 7, your first visit won’t be your last. (But don’t take our word for it!) Put this restaurant on your itinerary and enjoy the mouthwatering goodness.

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