Why We Love Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

Oga's Cantina

Surprisingly Roomy

First-time guests should be warned that (unlike most bars), Oga’s requires a reservation just to walk in the door. These reservations are in demand, but once acquired, you’ll thank the exclusive system. Why? Because only letting in a set number of people at once is far better than making everyone fight a mob. (Just picture Main Street U.S.A. after fireworks.) To assist with crowd control, each party at Oga’s Cantina is limited to a 45-minute visit. While this may sound stingy, it’s more than enough time to enjoy a venue that is never stuffed with people. Actual tables with seating are limited, but once you’re inside you’re guaranteed to at least have a comfortable space at the bar. And considering the drinks aren’t cheap, you’ll appreciate the elbow room to sip at your leisure.

Entertaining and Effervescent Service

Each Galaxy’s Edge cast member was hand-picked for their role and it shows. When a Disney World location is popular, many guests worry that service will suffer. After all, is it possible to remain cheery dealing with a constant flow of customers? It’s always possible at Disney World. Unlike gruff, real-world barkeeps, these bartenders are happy to offer suggestions while serving drinks at light-speed. In addition to friendly guest service, the bartenders are encouraged to keep the celebratory atmosphere alive. While sipping your drinks - watch the bartenders have dance parties, clap along to the music, and encourage guests to cheer and “whoop” in unison. If the mood is right, your visit to Oga’s Cantina will be the greatest party you’ve ever attended.

By Rebekah

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