Why We Love Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

Oga's Cantina

When Galaxy’s Edge was first announced, Star Wars fans immediately began to daydream about all of the galactic experiences. Defying the First Order. Piloting the Millennium Falcon. Brandishing a lightsaber. Today, we’re going to discuss the Galaxy Edge premier bar, Oga’s Cantina. Does this spot live up to the hype? Is it worth snagging an Advance Dining Reservation months beforehand? The answer is yes. (In fact, it’s a resounding yes.) Let us list the reasons why your first visit to Oga’s Cantina will turn you into a repeat customer. Refusing to skate by on franchise popularity alone, this bar is well worth a spot in your itinerary.


Out-of-this-World Theming

Any Galaxy’s Edge visitor will tell you that this land is the crown jewel of U.S. parks’ theming. Duck into the cozy, cave-like atmosphere that welcomes vagrants and civilians alike. (Please note, Oga’s is free from any actual unsavory characters.) Make note of the Star Wars- eye candy and jam to tunes spun by DJ R-3X. (Veterans fans may remember this droid from the original Star Tours attraction.) Also, this sci-fi atmosphere extends well beyond the furnishings and provides inspiration for drinks, dish ware, and special-edition snacks. Whatever you do, take time to appreciate this pure achievement in next-level Imagineering.

Otherworldly Libations

The menu may be a little pricey, but the drinks are undeniably fun. A wide selection of cocktails and beer are available, but fan favorites are as follows. The Fuzzy Tauntaun is a citrus/peach drink that is generously poured and comes with a layer of foam that will make your lips tingle. (Your face may also go temporarily numb, but don’t worry. It’s temporary and worth it.) The Bespin Fizz is a cranberry/rum concoction that smokes as you are drinking it. (Just remember to breathe out during sips.) The Yub Nub is a sinfully sweet cocktail that comes in a stone-carved Endor souvenir mug. And yes, you can order blue milk. The Blue Bantha drink features the tasty, non-dairy concoction. As a bonus, the bar version comes with a decadent sugar cookie. Guests are limited to two drinks per visit, so we’d recommend ordering a variety of drinks to split and share among your party. You’ve never experienced drinks like these before.

Faithfully Family-Friendly

The words “bar” and “families with kids” don’t mix, but Oga’s is the exception. While guests under 21 cannot partake in alcoholic beverages, guests of all ages can visit. And best of all, the menu has a selection of fruity, non-alcoholic drinks that can rival the tastiest cocktail. (But let’s be honest, your kids will probably want blue milk and a cookie.) And thanks to the drink and time limit per group, Oga’s Cantina never reaches World Showcase levels of tipsy. Truth be told, you’ll think nothing of seeing a family enjoying their snacks and beverages. Oga’s is truly a place for Star Wars fans of all ages and I’m sure many parents will appreciate this.

So, what are you waiting for? With so many reasons to praise Oga’s Cantina, we have no doubt you’ll fall in love with this new spot. Enjoy your Galaxy’s Edge adventure and have a cold one on us!

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