Why We Still Recommend Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort

Monorail Contemporary
Credit: Disney

With many on-site hotel perks on hold, you may be asking as a seasoned vet, “Should I stay on Disney property?” Objectively speaking, off-site accommodations are usually cheaper – even for luxurious hotels. Many visitors swear by them, even if they bring on additional fees like gas, ride-sharing services, etc. Again, with post-pandemic travel temporarily altering Walt Disney World, it may be harder to justify the price tag. But despite this, we still feel a Disney resort is still a cut above the rest. Allow us to elaborate.


1. Free Transportation

Even with Disney’s Magical Express expected to end in 2022, the company still offersmore free transportation than any of its competitors. Any guests staying on Disney property have the convenience offree transports between the parks, hotels, and shopping/dining areas. This includes the monorail, a fleet of busses, several boats (of varying capacity), and the newest addition of the Skyliner gondolas. Regarding the Skyliner, this incredible next-generation ski-life features enclosed cars and round trips to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios for various hotels. (Best of all, the Skyliner even services some Value Resorts like Pop Century!) When you couple this with the lack of fees for gas, parking, car rentals, or Lyft rides – the savings can add up pretty quickly. Don’t just take our word for it. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Disney Skyliner

2. Onsite Amenities

Disney hotels vary in terms of theming, but there are benefits guaranteed to you whether you are staying in a Value Standard Room or a Deluxe DVC Villa. Every Disney hotel features onsite dining for hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, they have immersive pool areas and gift shops. Not only do these shops have hidden gems of souvenirs, but they’re also great places to grab snacks-to-go, over-the-counter medicine, and toiletries you forgot to pack. So, in most cases, there is no need to hop off-site for necessities. Disney brings these to your doorstep! The same can’t be said for every local motel feeding on tourism.

World Premiere Food Court
Photo: Disney

3. Atmosphere

Speaking of theming, Disney is the king of transporting guests to a whole new world. In every hotel, regardless of tier, the theme is reflected in everything from pool design to lighting fixtures to the ambient background music. Don’t believe us? Step into the lobby of the Polynesian and catch a whiff of pineapple and citrus fruits. Wander the Broadway section of the All-Star Music resort and hear your favorite divas belting through the speakers. Admire the Disney mosaics on the lobby floor of the breathlessly elegant Grand Floridian. Honestly, there’s just as much effort required there as in the parks. Disney doesn’t do anything halfway and the rich environments of their hotels are just one example.

Disney’s Riviera Resort (Credit: Disney)

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4. Cast Member Access

Cast Members are the pinnacle of guest service. Without their constant cheer, helpfulness, and skill in handling a variety of guest needs, Disney World wouldn’t be the same. (In fact, when guests first arrive home, the post-vacation shock probably doesn’t come from leaving. It comes from no longer interacting with these friendly folks.) When you stay on property, you have access to their next-level customer service at all times. This means when you have an issue with your room, have a specific question, or need insight from someone that knows Disney property inside and out – the experts are there. With just a quick phone call or a trip to the lobby, you’ll be treated to that top-notch care Disney prides itself on. Plus, let’s be honest. Life happens, even on vacation. We get sick. Our itineraries get off-track. We need to wave the white flag when things get disrupted. In that case, wouldn’t you rather have a Cast Member there to guide you? We definitely would.

Credit: Disney

5. Disney Bubble Convenience

Circling back to transportation, staying inside the Disney bubble simply makes it easier to explore the bubble. There are so many things to enjoy on property, aside from the four theme parks. For example, many resorts host the best restaurants. There are two shopping and dining areas – the picturesque Boardwalk area and the thriving Disney Springs. There are multiple water parks and mini-golf courses. It’s certainly less tempting (and desirable) to explore the nooks and crannies of property when it comes with an Uber fare each time. Yes, Disney resorts are designed to keep you on property, but this isn’t a bad thing. Everything you could want or need is on property and staying here just makes it all the more accessible. Take a chance on Disney! They won’t disappoint you.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort (Photo: Disney)

With everything going on, we all need a little extra magic these days ,and staying on property is still magical. That’s why we still give it a strong two-thumbs up! Treat yourself and your family. You deserve it.

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