Why You Should Start Collecting Pressed Pennies at Disney World Resort

Pressed Pennies

Many people are completely unaware of the pressed penny machines at Walt Disney World. We’ll admit that they are easy to overlook. However, we really feel that everyone should be made aware of these machines and of the awesome souvenir options they provide visitors. 

You see, collecting pressed pennies from these machines has become a hobby for many regular Disney visitors, and there are definitely some good reasons why. Besides being fabulously collectible—something that always makes a souvenir a bit more fun—they have several other benefits as well.

Read on to learn all about these pennies and why you should start a collection of your own. 

1. Inexpensive Souvenirs 

First and foremost, we must mention that pressed pennies are easily some of the cheapest souvenir options in all of Disney World. In fact, these little beauties are so inexpensive that one could easily purchase a dozen in a single trip and still have plenty of shopping budget left over. Considering how steep the prices are at Disney, we think this is pretty amazing!

2. Ever Changing 

Disney’s pressed pennies are also a great option because they are ever changing. That’s right, the stamps available in each machine change once in a while, often to match a specific event that is happening.

This is awesome because it means you’ll never run out of pennies to collect no matter how many times you visit Disney World—and let’s be honest, you probably won’t stop visiting anytime soon. 

3. Easy to Pack

As you likely know, pressed pennies are incredibly small and lightweight souvenir items. This makes them just perfect for those who like to pack light, as they can be stashed in any bag or suitcase and in just about any size pocket you have available.

They won’t raise the cost of getting your luggage from point A to point B, nor will they require you to purchase an extra bag during your visit. 

4. Exciting to Make

Not only are pressed pennies fun to shop around for and collect, they’re also tons of fun to make. We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t get some level of satisfaction from turning the crank on one of these machines and watching their penny turn into a flat and shiny work of art, and we’re guessing you’re no exception to this rule.

Go ahead and crank away, we understand!

5. Fun Display Ideas

Wondering what on earth people do with their pennies once they press and collect several? There are actually an enormous number of options.

Many people purchase special pressed penny books in the parks. Others use them in craft projects such as scrapbooking. You can add your pennies to a wall hanging, create jewelry with them, or even make them into pins to add to a hat or vest. The possibilities are endless!

6. Super Tradeable 

All avid Disney World fans are well aware of the popularity of pin trading in the parks. This is fun, but it can become pretty expensive. Why not try penny trading instead? We’re betting there are plenty of Disney-goers who collect these pennies, and trading with one another (or even just checking out what other people have) would be an absolute blast.

Start keeping a lookout for other penny collectors, we’re confident you’ll find a few. 

Tower of terror pressed penny

7. Potential for Return of Investment

Because these pennies are rotated out on a regular basis, one might consider them a limited edition item. As we all know, limited edition items tend to sell well in the future, and we wouldn’t be surprised if your collection ended up being worth a pretty penny (pardon the pun) sometime in the future. 

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8. Available Elsewhere

Finally, we must mention the fact that pressed pennies are available at almost all attractions throughout the US. This means that if you travel often (even if not to Disney World) you can grow your collection to include a wide range of pennies.

How cool would it be to collect a penny from every state, or from every amusement park in the country? We think this would be a pretty sweet achievement, and displaying your pennies would be a ton of fun for sure. 

Clearly, pressed pennies are a wonderful souvenir option for any Disney World visitor. Why not gather up your loose change so you can start your collection the next time you visit? You’ll be glad you did, and we’re guessing your collection will continue to grow for years to come.

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