Worried You’ll Miss Out on Genie+? Disney Confirms There is No Capacity Limit Per Day

Disney Genie
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With the launch of Disney Genie and Genie+ just days away, Walt Disney World Guests have been coming up with more and more questions regarding the resort’s new app and essentially paid version of the now defunct FastPass+.

Disney has recently confirmed that when Genie+ and Lightning Lane launches on October 19, 2021, there will be no limit to the number of Guests that can opt into Genie+. (In case you need a quick rundown, Genie+ comes at a cost of $15 per person per day, and essentially functions like FastPass, with specific timeslots available to ride select attractions. Lightning Lane has prices that vary for each ride, and sometimes by day of the week, and is basically a FastPass without a timed slot.)

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Previously with FastPass, a limited number of FastPasses were available for each timeslot. When that timeslot was filled up, it would be removed from the app, and with Guests booking their FastPasses well in advance of their trip, there was a chance that a last-minute Guest would find no FastPasses available during their entire trip for certain attractions. While Genie+ does have limits on each time slot, Disney has confirmed that there is no limit on the total number of Guests who can opt into the paid Genie+ service in a given day.

So, what exactly does this mean? We’ll need to see Genie+ in practice when it launches next week to be sure, but we have some ideas. Genie and Genie+ will give Disney the ability to send recommendations to Guests based on which lines are currently long and areas of the park that are crowded or not crowded in any given moment. This stands to reason that if an attraction is particularly slow one day, additional Guests could be accommodated in a given timeslot, or additional times could be added.

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We know that some Guests are concerned that the confirmation of no limit for Guests buying into Genie+ could mean longer wait times for those in the standby lines, but we do not necessarily think this will be the case, at least not in the sense of what this was like with FastPass. The free version of Disney Genie that will be available to everyone using the My Disney Experience app will give Guests recommendations and help them plan their day on the go using data from Guests who have opted into Genie+ to do so. FastPass+ did not have this capability, at least not on the Guest-facing end of things, so we believe this will help wait times for all Guests.

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Still, there will always be popular attractions, and Genie+ or even Lightning Lane can certainly be an appealing way to reduce your time waiting in line even if they do come at an added fee. For additional information on Disney Genie, read this post ahead of your next trip, and keep an eye here on Disney Fanatic for updates on how this new program works once it is rolled out next week.

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