10 Best Cheap Eats at Walt Disney World

Kitchen Sink Ice Cream

10. Casey’s Corner Footlong Combo.

Its no secret that Casey’s Corner has some incredible hot dogs available for guests to enjoy on Main Street U.S.A. Guest may not know about the great deal that is the foot long hotdog on Casey’s menu. For around two dollars more than the classic sized combo guests can enjoy a foot long hotdog. This huge meal is hearty enough for two adults to share. If you are really hungry adding an extra side of fries is a great option.

Hot Dog Meal = $8.79

Foot Long Meal =$10.29

9. Contempo Café Flatbreads.

I love to write about these delicious flatbreads simply because they are so fresh and delicious. Snatching up one of these affordable flatbreads is an awesome break from traditional burger and fries meals for about the same price. Even better, these delicious creations are reminiscent of the savory flatbreads served several floors up at Disney’s California Grill. The Blackened Chicken flatbread is a hearty meal as are other flatbreads on the menu. Even after a famishing park day, I struggle to eat the entire portion.

Cheapest Flatbread = $10.79

Most Expensive Flatbread = $11.49

8. Beaches and Cream’s Kitchen Sink.

Yacht and Beach Club guests love relaxing poolside almost as much as they love indulging in a delicious ice cream at the nearby Beaches and Cream Soda Shop. This restaurant is so much more than just an ice cream stand; it has all the charm and menu items of a 1950’s soda shop and grill. Perhaps the most famous menu item is known as The Kitchen Sink. This colossal sundae has ten scoops of ice cream, a whole can of whipped cream, cherries, cookies, brownies, hot fudge and an array of other toppings covering a literal stainless steel sink bowl. This incredible dessert is served complete with disco lights, music and fanfare of the wait staff. At only twenty nine dollars The Kitchen Sink is as good of a deal as it is dessert. My family of five shared The Kitchen Sink and still could not finish it all, ordering this dessert was cheaper than each person getting individual double scoop servings and allowed us to sample a variety of flavors.

The Kitchen Sink = $29.00

Double Scoop Cone = $6.00

7. La Cantina de San Angel Nachos Plate.

La Cantina de San Angel is a great walk up location to sample Mexican cuisine quickly without entering the Mexican pavilion. The Cantina’s nacho plate is a favorite in my family. This hearty dish is large enough for a meal and is loaded with ground beef, jalapeños, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and black beans. At only ten ninety-five per serving, this dish is a good deal and a delicious snack or dinner option for guests. The fresh ingredients make these nachos more delicious than the ones you find on menus in the real world.

Nacho Bowl = $10.95

6. The United Kingdom’s Fish and Chips at Epcot.

The United Kingdom’s Fish and Chips are a delicious and unique cheap eat in Epcot. Coming in at only ten forty nine per serving, this dish is composed of two beer battered fish strips and crispy fries. While the serving size isn’t huge the heavy nature of the food is sure to fill you up quickly. Splash the serving with vinegar and take your plate over to one of the awesome Epcot music venues to enjoy while you are serenaded.

Fish & Chips Plate = $10.49

5. A Bowl of Steaming Udon Noodles in Japan.

Katsura Grill’s delicious udon noodles are a delicious meal for guests of World Showcase. Nothing beats enjoying a warm bowl of udon on a chilly night during a winter visit to Walt Disney World. Beef udon and shrimp tempura udon are both delicious options with a generous serving large enough for a meal.

Shrimp Tempura Udon = $12.00

Beef Udon = $11.00

4. The Express Counter at Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe at Disney Springs.

The express dining window at Wolfgang Puck Grand Café is my favorite walk up at Disney Springs that offers traditional plated dishes at a great price with a quick turn around time. This dining option is perfect for guests looking to eat dinner quickly before a movie at AMC theatre or share a fresh pizza al fresco. While this restaurant is not what I would consider a cheap eat at first glance, it is a great cheaper option for guests looking to experience table service cuisine at a lower price without the commitment of a reservation or gratuity. Pizzas range from twelve to fifteen dollars while entrees range from ten to eighteen dollars.

Cheapest Pizza = $11.95

Rotisserie Chicken Meal = $18.95

3. Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at Disney Springs.

The chocolate laden desserts at Ghirardelli are unmatched. Floats, shakes, sundaes, and single scoops are available for guests to enjoy at an old-fashioned soda shop. Ice cream servings at Ghirardelli are shareable making them a better value for groups. The cookie sundae is my personal favorite dish; buying a warm chocolate chip cookie from the soda shop is just as delicious for those looking to forgo the ice cream.

Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie = $4.95

2. Crunchy Hawaiian Pork Nachos at Disney’s Polynesian Village.

Yet another nacho serving makes our cheap eat countdown. For guests visiting Disney’s Polynesian Village, a trip to Captain Cook’s is in order to sample the Hawaiian pulled pork nachos. These nachos have a Polynesian spin, loaded with pineapple salsa, onion, cheese, tomatoes and spicy mayonnaise. At only nine twenty nine per serving, this dish is uniquely Disney and a great deal.

Polynesian Pulled Pork Nachos = $9.29

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1. Juicy Burgers at D-Luxe Burgers.

This savory new addition to Disney Springs is an incredible option for guests looking to enjoy a huge burger cooked to perfection. These burgers are made from locally sourced beef and surpass other gourmet burgers. Amazingly enough, these cooked to order juicy beef burgers only run ten to thirteen dollars per order. Hand cut fries and even red velvet burger macaroons along with gelato, floats and shakes are on the menu for guests to enjoy. D-Luxe Burgers is my favorite new restaurant addition to Disney Springs.

Classic Cheeseburger $9.99

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