10 Differences Between Disney Value and Disney Moderate Resorts

All Star Movies Resort

Disney offers a variety of different resort options to meet whatever desires you have – you can camp in your RV or in a rustic cabin at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. You can experience a true South Seas experience by staying at one of the new overwater Polynesian Bungalows. We love having the choice of what theme and what amenities we want when we are booking a trip. We are often confronted with what the differences are between the value and moderate resorts, so here are ten of the biggest!

10 – Theming – while every Disney resort has a central theme, the theming at a moderate resort is both subtle and encompassing. At All-Star Movies, guests are confronted with bright, giant representations of Disney classics, while guest at Port Orleans Riverside are immersed in the theme and are able to explore it in the lobby, on the walking paths, and even in the rooms. Depending on how or if you want to explore your resort, this is an important consideration.

9 – Room Size – guests staying at a value resort will have to contend with a smaller room than guests staying at a moderate resort. While this may not be an important consideration with couples or a small family with one child, you’ll definitely want to consider this if you are traveling with many children or multiple generations of your family.

8 – Landscaping – value resorts have little landscaping past normal shrubs, trees, and bushes. Moderate resorts offer a little bit more by way of shading, different kinds of landscaping. This is a product of the theming being more subdued at moderate resorts as opposed to the stark theming at the value resorts.

7 – Restaurants – at value resorts, guests have a single dining option by way of a food court with a vast array of food options available. Guests staying at the moderate resorts have the same food court option, but also have a sit-down restaurant option if they are looking for a quieter meal or wanting a more authentically themed meal.

6 – Pools – the pools at value resorts tend to be just that – a pool. The pools at moderate resorts generally have a theme and the pools have waterslides and are wonderfully landscaped to match the resort theme. We are big fans of the pool at Coronado Springs with a Mayan pyramid rising out of the water and dotting the horizon.

5 – Price – as is inherent in the name, the value resorts offer a value to guests by minimizing on the frills offered to guests – typically, a value resort is available to guests for between $100 and $150 per night. Guests wishing to stay at a moderate resort pay a little bit more – typically between $160 and $220 per night.

4 – Location – Disney value resorts tend to be a little bit further out from parks or points of interest on Disney property. Moderate resorts are a little bit closer to parks and some even offer dedicated transportation to points of interest, like the boats from the Port Orleans resorts to Disney Springs.

3 – Transportation – because the moderate resorts are a little more spacious, there are multiple bus stops to gather guests to and from the parks, while guests at value resorts are required to go to the main building and catch the bus with the guests from the rest of the resort.

2 – Room Flourishes – the in-room decorations at moderate resorts coincide with the resort’s theme in a better way, while decorations at the value resorts tend to mesh with the theme, but are not subtle extensions of the theme of the resort and do not require the guest to look more deeply into the flourishes.

1 – Parking – guests staying at value resorts may have to park a further distance from their room. Moderate guests may have to park further away as well, but their parking spots tend to be a little closer to their rooms.

Don’t get us wrong, we have made many trips to Disney and made use of the value resorts when we knew we would just be spending time in the parks and would only need the room to sleep and shower at; however, when we’ve gone and wanted to recharge and relax and tour the parks, we have spent the extra money to experience the majesty of the moderate resorts. Both offer distinct advantages over the other, but these are the ten big differences between the two.

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