10 Dos and Don’ts for Visiting Epcot

Epcot Monorail

10. Don’t Skip the Sunscreen.

Epcot is a large park with much more direct sun exposure than other parks. You will likely spend a great deal of time outside browsing the countries around World Showcase. Pack plenty of sunscreen and reapply it often to ensure a painful sunburn does not ruin your vacation.

9. Don’t Forget About the Seasonal Offerings at Epcot.

Epcot has incredible offerings all year. As if there is not enough to enjoy in Epcot, The Food and Wine Festival, Flower & Garden Show and Candlelight Processional Christmas Show all jazz up the park a little more each year. Visit in the Fall between September and November to eat around the world at The Food and Wine Festival. Reserve tickets in November or December for The Candlelight Processional Dinner Package and visit between March and May to see the incredible topiaries and floral displays at The Flower and Garden Show.

8. Don’t Ride the Orange Level on Mission to Mars Unaware.

Disney cast members do a great job of providing a warning and answering questions about the ride levels in the ride queue line. Mission to Mars orange level is very intense and is certainly not an attraction fit for every guest. If you are in doubt, ride the gentler green level. For guests that suffer from motion sickness or balance issues this ride can be a particularly rough attraction that could ruin the remainder of the park day.

7. Don’t Rush By the Living Seas.

The Living Seas gained more attention when the Nemo and Friends ride was added to the pavilion. After exiting the ride, take the time to browse the tanks and talk with cast members about the animals that reside in The Living Seas. This great learning opportunity is fun for kids and adults. Watching the gentle manatees float by and snack on lettuce is a fun way to take a break from the heat.

6. Don’t Over Indulge in World Showcase.

The food and drink options in World Showcase can be too much fun for some guests. Keep in mind that Epcot is a family park and monitor your alcohol intake as you drink around the world. Rowdy, out of control or sick guests is no fun for anyone to deal with.

5. Do View the Films in the Pavilions.

Depending on who you talk to you may be told to skip the films in the countries. My family loves watching the films when our schedule allows. Films generally begin every fifteen minutes and provide a great opportunity to break from the heat, and learn something new. I always leave the pavilion ready to plan a trip around the world to visit the sites I learned about in the film.

4. Do Learn from Cast Members.

One of the neatest things about Epcot is the way cast members are grouped according to their native country. I love asking cast members questions and learning about the culture of each country first hand. Kidcot fun stops are a great place for children to interact with cast members.

3. Do Eat Around the World.

Epcot lovers will likely tell you sampling food in each of the countries around World Showcase tops their list of Epcot favorites. Budget money and time to sample the flavors of World Showcase. A pastry in France, fish n’ chips in The United Kingdom, school bread in Norway and hot caramel corn in Germany are must do foods.

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2. Do See Soarin’ Around the World.

We all thought that Soain’ could not get any better, then it did. This exhilarating hang glider ride simulator has been wowing park guests for years at Disney’s California Adventures and Epcot. In 2016 the ride was revamped and named Soarin’ Around the World. Guests catch glimpses, sounds and smells from countries around the globe. Niagara Falls, the African Savanna, Sydney harbor and Antarctica are just a few of the places guests visit in the ride.

1. Do Plan Your Park Day to Minimize Walking.

Epcot is the largest park guest coverage ground wise, it ranks second to Animal Kingdom in total land area due to the spacious animal habitats at Animal Kingdom that is not open to guests. Wearing comfortable shoes to Epcot is important, as is planning your gang’s park plan carefully to minimize unnecessary walking. Running back to Future World midafternoon to make a fast pass time from World Showcase can result in more exhaustion. If you are simply too worn out to make the walk, there is a boat that runs across World Showcase Lagoon periodically to transport guests from Morocco to Mexico and back. Though you certainly lose park time waiting for, riding and disembarking the boat, it may be a good choice for some travel parties.

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