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10 Disney Experiences That May Just Put You To Sleep

A Disney vacation doesn’t always have to be hectic and busy. Sometimes you can just take a moment to yourself and relax, or relax so much that you fall asleep in unexpected places. Whether you intend to or not, these 10 Disney experiences have been known to lull guests to sleep.

10. Lounging By The Pool

While this can be an obvious one, not everyone means to fall asleep by the pool at their resort. Especially with the hammocks located at several Disney Resort Hotels, if the weather is just right it can be all too easy to fall asleep. In doing so, guests risk oversleeping and missing out on their agenda or reservations, or risk getting sunburn. Check out “Top 5 Disney World Resort Pools – Get Your Splash On!”

9. Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

This attraction in the Magic Kingdom barely has a wait on it and transports guests around the Tomorrowland area, even through attractions like Space Mountain and Space Ranger Spin. With a smooth ride in and out of darkened areas and a light breeze, you’re all set to take a light nap. If there are no guests in line, you can even go around again.

8. Universe of Energy

Once you get through the first video stage of the Epcot attraction where you’re required to stand, you’re invited to sit in a time traveling car. The cars move very slowly and the entire attraction is fairly dark so there isn’t much to keep you awake during the second age of the ride. The third state includes watching more video of Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science guy from the comfort of your seat. This 40 minute attraction may not be the most entertaining, but it does provide a space for a nap that lasts longer than a few quick minutes.

7. The American Adventure

Moving over to World Showcase in Epcot, The American Adventure in the American Pavilion is another area where guests tend to fall asleep. With lots of space in relatively comfortable seating, this darkened theater will take you through significant moments in our country’s history. While that may be exciting for some, no everyone thinks so, especially the younger crowd who are enjoying their time off from school.

6. Impressions de France

Another pavilion in World Showcase that induces sleep is the Impressions de France video in the France Pavilion. Instead of a stage theater with animatronic figures, guests can watch a short time set to a very calming soundtrack. Unlike the shows in Canada or China, guests can sit instead of stand to watch the movie in comfort.

5. Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable

You may have not even noticed this attraction, but besides Living With The Land and Soarin’, The Land Pavilion also is host to the Circle of Life video located on the top floor. This short video includes characters Simba, Timon, and Pumba as they discuss the terrible things that can result in not taking care of the environment. While the younger set may be entertained by the Lion King characters, adults may feel the need to doze off, especially as this attraction is never really full.

4. Spaceship Earth

Another great attraction that’s ideal for sleeping is Spaceship Earth in Epcot. The slow-moving dark ride moves along to the top of the attraction before making a backwards descent back to the loading area. When moving backwards, the seats even tip back as if almost encouraging you to take a nap. This 15-minute attraction is a Disney Must-Do, but if you’ve been on it multiple times before, you won’t be missing anything by falling asleep. Check out “10 Amazing Facts About the Geodesic Sphere of Spaceship Earth.”

3. Carousel of Progress

Back in the Magic Kingdom, the Carousel of Progress is good attraction if you’re looking to take a quick snooze or escape the rain. Seated in a circular auditorium that moves around the stage, the classic attraction doesn’t draw large crowds anymore, so taking a break in the back row for a few minutes is easily done. Nothing particularly exciting occurs during the show and the auditorium even goes completely dark for a moment during a “power outage” on stage.

2. Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents is perhaps the butt of the most jokes in regards to people falling asleep during an attraction. Unlike the American Adventure in Epcot, this show focuses on the country’s presidents and even takes the time to go through each and every United States President at a painfully slow pace. At just less than a half hour in length, and currently narrated by Morgan Freeman, the audience is easily lulled to sleep by the narration and less than stimulating show.

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1. The Ride Back to the Hotel

Whether you take the bus, monorail, boat, or a car back to your hotel, at the end of the day you have to practically fight to stay awake. The sheer exhaustion of spending a day at the Disney parks is enough to knock a person out, and very often it does. The younger guests get the added benefit of being able to be carried back to their hotel by their parents, but for the rest of us, we need to wait until we’re back in our hotel rooms. But who hasn’t been tempted to fall asleep right there on the bus?

If you’ve ever fallen asleep at the Disney Parks, or in a place you weren’t expecting to, don’t worry. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. Just pick a high-energy attraction to wake you up and you’re all set to go.

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