10 Disney Guest Habits That Really Bug Us

Cinderella Castle Day

10. Pushing the Boundaries with Cast Members.

Cast members are a great resource at Walt Disney World and are always happy to assist guests in any way possible. Walt Disney World policies, procedures and rules exists to ensure all guests have a fun and safe vacation. It is super irritating to see a guest disrespecting the park and cast members by questioning rules and pushing the limits with safety, rules or ignoring cast member requests. Everyone hates to see that arrogant guest that thinks they can push around the cast members just because they are on vacation.

9. Breaking in Line.

Unfortunately, almost everything at Walt Disney World involves a line. Boarding Disney transportation, buying snacks in the park and of course waiting for attractions always involve waiting in line. This means that line breakers are some of the most despised people on the Disney property. Waiting your turn politely goes a long way at Walt Disney World, everyone wants to see the attractions and everyone is on vacation just like you.

8. Forgetting Basic Manners.

The bustle and excitement of a Disney vacation can often leave even adults forgetting basic manners. Guests that take the time to be courteous to others are super refreshing during a hectic vacation. Taking the time to scoot over and allow other families more space for parade viewing in the park or giving up your seat on the bus to a guest that looks like they really need a rest are wonderful ways to respect other guests and brighten their day.

7. Fighting with Family in the Middle of the Magic.

The heat, cost and chaos of Walt Disney World can easily become overwhelming for families and cause nerves to run high. Most Disney vacationers have seen at least one family having a not so magical meltdown in a park. Not only are these public shouting matches inappropriate, they ruin the Disney experience for the kids in the family and are embarrassing for other guests to watch.

6. Letting Childcare Slide.

The vacation attitude becomes all too real for some parents and results in them letting childcare slide. Controlling your children is imperative to ensuring other guests enjoy their vacation. Of course kids will be kids, but kicking chair backs in shows, hanging from line railing and running wild in the park are unnecessary antics that parents should control.

5. Stopping at the End of Stairs and Escalators.

My biggest pet peeve of all time, stopping at the end of escalators is a problem that runs rampant at Walt Disney World. Exiting The Living Seas, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and a number of other Disney attractions is a danger zone thanks to guests stopping directly in the threshold of the escalator to look around. Taking a moment to get oriented and exit the ride or shop is absolutely understandable; please step to the right or left of the threshold to look around knowing that there are hundreds of other guests directly behind you.

4. Refusing to Move Back on the Bus or Monorail.

Disney guests spend plenty of time on Disney transportation during their stay. When guests refuse to listen to the request of transportation officials and move back to make more space for other guests it slows down productivity in a major way. Taking the time to move all the way to the back of a Disney bus or boat to utilize all available standing room can mean as many as four additional families can join the group to arrive at their destination quicker.

3. Plowing Through Crowds Unaware with Strollers.

It is almost certain that most parents have never navigated an area with a stroller that is as busy and crowded as Walt Disney World. Nothing can have a guest yowling in pain quite as fast as a stroller slamming into the back of their heels. If you are using a stroller, cart or scooter at Walt Disney World take the time to be aware of your surroundings and the guests nearby. Nearby pedestrians should make every effort to avoid blocking the way of nearby strollers and scooters.

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2. Stopping in A Busy Walkway.

Stopping to consult a map, take a photo or talk to someone else in your travel group in the middle of a busy walkway is really annoying for other guests. Keeping the flow of traffic moving is important to avoid injury and guest pile up. Particularly after a parade or show, stepping off to the side to gather your group or take a photo is optimal.

1. Paying More Attention to A Screen Than the Line.

Tablets and smart phones are a welcome distraction to break up the monotony of lines at Walt Disney World for both children and adults. With the launch of the myDisneyexperience app, technology is more important than ever to the success of your Disney vacation. However, taking the time to monitor the line you are in or pay attention to the direction you are walking is so important. Most Disney veterans have at some point been stuck behind a Disney guest that was glued to their phone and held up the line as a result. Be courteous to other guests by remaining aware of your surroundings.

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