Reasons You Will Love Teppan Edo In Walt Disney World’s EPCOT

Teppan Edo
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Epcot World Showcase fans already love the Japanese pavilion.  With such awesome exhibits, architecture and cast members filling guests in on details about Japanese culture- what’s not to love?  There are delicious quick service meal options in Japan as well as drink carts serving up authentic Japanese beverages. However, guests looking to enjoy a wider array of Japanese food need to visit Teppan Edo Japan to enjoy a Japanese steakhouse experience.


1. Immersive Dining Experience

Guests that have dined at a Japanese steakhouse before know that this interactive dining experience is as much about the ambiance and experience as it is the food. Teppan Edo is an immersive dining experience from the moment you enter the pavilion.  The restaurant is located on a stilted building right next door to another eatery, Tokyo Dining.

2. Sake

If you are a wine/beer connoisseur, or looking to try something new for the first time you should have a glass of Sake with dinner.  Sake is a rice wine served in Japan that shares some characteristics of both beer and wine. Guests looking for value can buy sake by the carafe or bottle to share with their party.  If you want variety, consider splurging on the sake flight and try three different types of sake for around twenty dollars.

3. Make New Friends

As is the case with any Japanese steakhouse, parties that are not large enough to fill a table alone will be grouped with additional parties to fill a table.  For some people dining with strangers is a turnoff, for my family it was an opportunity to make new friends.  Regardless, be prepared to dine with others if you have a group smaller than ten guests.

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4. Food Could Not Be Fresher

As you probably guessed, the food is fresh and delicious.  After all, it’s cooked right in front of you. Each appetizer, entrée and side we enjoyed during our visit was delicious and left me wanting to return to Teppan Edo during my vacation. The steak and vegetables were especially wonderful. The beef was tender, cooked to perfection and not over sauced.  The vegetables were crunchy and flavorful, even the picky eaters in our family cleaned their plate at this restaurant.

5. Japanese Steakhouse Fun with a Disney flair

All the interaction and fun that you expect when dining at a mainstream Japanese steakhouse is part of Teppan Edo, but with a magical Walt Disney World flair. From making Mickey Mouse out of soy sauce, to building flaming volcanoes out of onions and juggling spatulas while frying rice, the chefs at Teppan Edo are talented, kind and so much fun.

6. Wafu Pork Ribs and Edamame

When you think of Japanese steakhouse, you probably think of steamed rice, veggies and grilled meats. Appetizers are not the first things to come to mind, but they are not to be missed at Teppan Edo Japan!  There are plenty of delicious appetizers on the menu that are perfect for sharing with your party.  My personal favorites were the crunchy edamame and the tender and juicy wafu pork ribs.  Be sure to enjoy an appetizer during your visit.

7. Incredible Sushi

Sushi does not get much more authentic than the creations served up at this restaurant. The volcano roll is my recommendation; this grilled California roll is topped with scallops and shrimp and served with a savory and spicy volcano sauce.  Those new to sushi may want to try the sushi sampler that offers smaller pieces of a larger selection of sushi types for around fifteen dollars. Trying new foods at Walt Disney World is a great idea because servers and cast members are glad to answer your questions about dishes that are new to you.


8. Combo Plates

A quick glance around at the other grill stations during seating clarified the fact that choosing just one entrée would be difficult with so many incredible options on the menu. Great news- you don’t have to choose! The combination plates are great for guests that want to enjoy shrimp and steak or any combination of grilled meats. If you are looking to make your entrée extra special, select an add on like famous Kagyu steak, grilled shrimp, scallops or a lobster tail.

9. Japanese Desserts

If you saved room for dessert, you are in luck because there are great options to choose from. A green tea mousse cake, mango mousse cake or ginger mousse cake is the perfect light and delicious way to close your meal at Teppan Edo Japan!

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