12 Reasons You’ll All-Star Sports Resort at Walt Disney World

All Star Sports Resort
Photo Credit: Disney

When it comes to value resorts, Disney’s All Star Sports is a fun option to consider.  If you want to know more about the factors that continue to draw guests back to All Star Sports resort, join us on this countdown to see all that this fantastic resort has to offer.


1. Comfortable Rooms

True, value resort rooms are not nearly as spacious or luxurious as deluxe resorts on the property.  However, guests are delighted at the value for the price.  Comfortable beds, in room thermostat control, and Mousekeeping (housekeeping) services are hotel room factors that make the resort rooms a good fit for families.

Disney's All Stars Sports Resort

2. Multiple Pools Available for Guests to Enjoy

Because value resorts tend to be more sprawling, two pools are available in different sectors of the resort.  At All Star Sports, guests enjoy the Grand Slam pool and the Surf Board Bay pool.  Guest are welcome to visit either pool as they wish.  The shallow water, small kiddie pool near the surf pool and nearby cabana makes All Star Sports pools a fun vacation hangout.

Disney World's All Stars Sports Pool

3. Fun and Affordable Dining Options on Site

If you are looking for great dining options on a reasonable budget, you will love the End Zone Food Court.  Located near the arcade and sundry store, End Zone offers three meals a day and snacks for hungry guests venturing back to the hotel between parks or pool time.  The create your own pasta lunch option is my favorite meal at End Zone.

Disney's All Stars Sports Resort Dining

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4. Areas to Congregate

During my stays at All Star Sports, I have often seen school and youth activity groups enjoying the resort together. One of the plus sides of this resort is that there are so many open spaces for larger groups to hang out and enjoy the company of each other without disturbing guests in nearby rooms.  The Astroturf football field and outdoor seating near End Zone Food Court are great places to get away from the room and hang out with friends.

All Star Sports
Photo Credit: Flickr

5. Blizzard Beach is Nearby

Summer guests looking to cool off at Blizzard Beach will be happy to know that All Star Sports is a short bus ride away.  Blizzard Beach is located pretty much right across the street from the All Star resorts. Remember to look for your hotel room from the top of Summit Plummet.

Blizzard Beach

6. Located near ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex

Guests traveling to sporting events at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex should consider staying at All Star Sports due to the super close proximity of the hotel.  Catch a baseball game, enjoy a meal or explore the complex and return to your hotel at the end of a long day.

7. Allocating that Vacation Money Elsewhere

That’s right, one of the high points for me of staying at any value resort is enjoying the money I saved on the resort room.  That may mean sampling snacks you have never tried before in the park, splurging for a reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table or buying all the Minnie ears and Disney t-shirts you want.  Regardless of what you choose to do with the savings, treat yourself during your vacation.

8. Fun Resort Extras

In room pizza delivery, movies under the stars and activity counselors at the pool are just a few of the fun Disney extras you will experience when staying at All Star Sports. If you are looking to hang out poolside, play it up in the arcade or shop till’ you drop in the sundry store, resort extras are ready and waiting for you.

9. Extra Magic Hours

Guests staying at Disney’s value resorts enjoy the same extra magic hours as guests paying a much larger price for a deluxe resort.  Extra magic hours are held in at least one park most days to extend the amount of park time exclusively for Disney resort guests.  Walking on usually crowded attractions is a possibility during extra magic hours. In my opinion, extra magic hours alone are worth staying on the resort property to experience.

10. Easy Transportation to Parks

With easy and free bus access to all the Walt Disney World parks, water parks and Disney Springs, you never have to worry about moving the car or fighting traffic during your vacation. Bus stops at the front of the resort transports guests around Walt Disney World comfortably.

11. A Price that Won’t Break the Bank

Value resorts are classified that way because of the reasonable price.  Depending on the time of year you visit you may be able to snag a room anywhere between ninety-nine and one hundred and fifty dollars a night.  This means that All Star Sports pricing is competitive with resorts off the Disney property.  Extra magic hours, free transportation and a magical Disney room at a great price, that is cool.

12. Fabulous Theming for Sports Fans

Die hard sports fans will likely fall in love with the oversized sports equipment they see around every corner.  Even staircases to second floor rooms are designed within the caging of a baseball bat or tennis ball. Kids and adults alike adore All Star Sports, because how could you not love a theming that involves Mickey and the gang playing your favorite sports?

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