Lesser Known Facts About Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

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If you are looking to learn more about Walt Disney World Resorts this is the article for you! We are going to let you in on ten things no one tells you about Walt Disney World resorts and give you some food for thought as you plan your next Florida vacation!

10. In Room Food Options

Did you know that there are room service options at Walt Disney World Resorts? There are plenty of delicious dining options around the property so you may think that room service and pizza delivery is not a selling point for your family. However, for plenty of worn out families that need an extra snack at the end of a long park day, room service is the perfect fit. Guests traveling with little ones will especially love the convenience of in room food delivery.

9. Movie Channels and Resort Channel

This little resort perk brings the magic big time for my family.  As soon as we arrive at our resort, we always switch on one of the resort channels to tune out the real world and get amped up for attractions around Walt Disney World.  The resort channels feature Disney attractions, Disney Vacation Club information, shopping, dining, Disney music and even Disney movies.

8. Great Food Nearby

One of the reasons my family continues to use Disney resorts instead of off property resort options for our vacations are the dining options. Depending on where you are staying, you could have one or multiple eatery options in your resort. The convenience of being able to hop out of the pool and snag a hearty meal in the dining spot at your resort is awesome. Factor in our love for Mickey Waffles at the start of each Walt Disney World day and we are in love with the resort dining options.

Mickey Waffles

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7. Activity Counselors and Resort Itinerary

Disney resorts are part of your vacation experience, not just a hotel that you are staying in.  The activity counselors playing with kids, optional activities like t-shirt making at the pool (extra cost associated), game room and resort activities make your vacation so much more fun.  Outdoor movies, Disney trivia, dance parties and more fill the resort itinerary and keep guests having almost as much fun at their resort as they do in the theme parks.

6. Fun Pools

When you think of a pool, you probably do not think of a Walt Disney World pool. Disney pools are designed to please guests with larger than life water features, characters themes, waterslides, and splash pads. Depending on the resort you choose, the pool area will vary quite a bit. Still, from the value to the deluxe resorts, we know that the pools at Disney resorts will impress you.

Caribbean Beach Pool

5. In Room Celebrations

Disney flower and gifts make it possible to really amp up the magic by having in room celebrations.  This is Disney lingo for fun gift baskets, flowers, goodies and décor that can be ordered and delivered right to your resort room.  In room celebrations are perfect for birthdays, graduations, engagements, or any special occasion you are celebrating with a trip to Walt Disney World.

4. Awesome Cast Members

If you love Disney cast member’s attention to detail, why not stay at a Disney resort to make your vacation even more magical? Resort guests get the same star treatment at their resort as they do in the parks. Bonus points – guests staying at a Disney resort have resident park and attraction experts right in the lobby! Drop by guest relations at your hotel to ask any and all questions you have about navigating the property and the parks.

3. Those Refillable Mugs

Have you seen the awesome character clad insulated mugs being carried around the property by guests?  Those are refillable resort mugs that resort guests can purchase at their resort eatery and refill for free with coffee, juice, hot chocolate and soft drinks during their vacation.  If you are a religious coffee drinker, or have a family of kids that love soft drinks, refillable mugs may be a good thing to consider purchasing to ensure you always have a favorite beverage on hand and do not lose track of drink costs.

2. Convenient for Dining Plans

If you are purchasing a Disney dining plan, staying at a Walt Disney World resort is a good idea to make sure you have many opportunities to use all your dining credits. With a Disney eatery right in the hotel, you will be able to easily snag food and know that snack and meal credits do not go to waste. Resort dining rooms often have a variety of eat on the go snacks like packaged veggies, fruit, cookies and other packable snacks that you can use your snack credits on if you are looking to purchase something to eat later in the day.

1. The Value Is Real

The largest misconception I hear about Walt Disney World resorts is that they are so expensive you should not even consider them when booking your vacation.  Know that resort prices vary quite a bit by season and Disney has designed resort pricing to have some affordable options.  You may be surprised to find that Disney resorts can cost about the same as off the property resorts while saving you the need to commute to the parks each day.

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