10 Disney Souvenirs That Are Totally Worth The Money!

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It is hard to leave the happiest place on earth without a souvenir. There are so many great items for purchase no matter who your favorite character is or what your age may be. It’s no doubt that Disney souvenirs are special, but most of them are quite pricey. You may be wondering what is actually worth the cost of taking a piece of the magic home with you. While this article is subjective as to what people may believe is worth the money, here are ten great souvenirs that are worth looking into.

10. Popcorn Buckets

Disney popcorn buckets are a huge deal at the parks. There are various styles for the popcorn buckets sold at each of the popcorn stand throughout the parks on various days of the year. There are Halloween themed buckets, Christmas themed buckets, and buckets for Star Wars Weekends as well as different character buckets that change throughout the year. These buckets are sometimes even bought in bulk, so in order to allow other guests to enjoy the limited edition ones, Disney has a limit on how many you can purchase at times. Since these buckets change often, guests invest in them because they are also useful to store items when you get home. There are some pretty clever ideas for use of these buckets at home such as pet bowls, flowerpots, trick-or-treat buckets, craft supply holders, and more. People come up with some great ideas for reusing these cute buckets, making it worth the investment.

9. Holiday Decorations

There is nothing like adding a little Disney magic to your holidays. Luckily, there are two beautiful Christmas stores on the Walt Disney World Property, Ye Old Christmas Shop in the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Days of Christmas in Downtown Disney. There are beautifully crafted Disney ornaments and decor pieces available for purchase 365 days a year. These items are so unique and beautifully crafted, and what makes them worth the money is that a lot of these items are not available online until the holiday season arrives. Many of the Disney Parks holiday décor items are limited online as well, so it’s great to be able to shop while you’re at the resort. Annual pass holders can also take advantage of the merchandise discounts at these stores as well. You will not be disappointed in visiting and/or purchasing your holiday souvenirs at any of these stores!

8. Disney Apparel

Many guests purchase or make their Disney apparel prior to their Disney vacation so that they can save money and match with their party, however, there are some apparel items sold at the parks that are worth the money. Disney Park merchandise makes some really distinct designs on their apparel that you may not even be able to find online. An example of this is the women’s clothing line that includes chic designs of the characters in colored sequins. There are also exclusive men and children’s clothing that isn’t found anywhere else other than the Walt Disney World resort. Seasonal apparel is also a big seller at the parks since most of this kind of merchandise is available for a limited time during the holiday season. Annual Pass holders can also take advantage of their merchandise discount on all apparel. Apparel shops are in all four Disney World theme parks, Downtown Disney, and at all of the Disney resorts. While most of the apparel is more costly than that of a regular department store, it is worth investing in those diverse pieces of Disney Park clothing.

7. Disney Pins

Pin trading is a favorite “hobby” amongst Disney guests! Pin trading is done with other guests and cast members throughout the entire Walt Disney World resort. Once you have pins on your lanyard, simply take a look at another guest or cast members pin that you want to trade with and make the switch! There are also limited edition pins that are traded by cast members with other guests, which are always fun to try to get. I personally love the hidden Mickey pins because there aren’t many of them out there. While pins can be very expensive, you can trade them for other favorite pins and have fun while doing so, which makes it worth the investment. Pins are also useful after your vacation because you can always use them on your daily attire to work or school. The merchandise discount for annual pass holders is also available for Disney pins. There are several shops and kiosks that sell pins in all four Disney World parks and Downtown Disney as well as the shops in the Walt Disney World Resorts. This is a great way to show your Disney side long after your vacation has ended!

6. Home Décor Items

Who doesn’t love having Disney in your home? Showing off your Disney side at home is a great way to put a smile on your family and guests faces when they walk right through your door. It makes your living space unique and shows off your love for Disney and your personality. While there are many Disney home décor items online for purchase, the selection at the Walt Disney World resort is massive and extends between all four parks and Downtown Disney in hundreds of stores. There are home décor items that include hundreds of themes and characters (Mickey and Minnie being the most popular of the themes) and even park themed décor including the Haunted Mansion and even the five different lands of Magic Kingdom (just to name a few). There are also various designs to match homes with different color schemes making it easy for everyone to accommodate their taste with décor. From bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and children’s room items to authentic wall art and garden/patio décor, you can easily find a way to incorporate Disney in your home. Many of the home décor items are very costly, but if you are an annual pass holder, you can use your merchandise credit at any of the home décor shops. There are several shops in all four theme parks that sell various items for your home as well as a slew of unique home décor shops in Downtown Disney. You may also find home décor items such as picture frames and kitchen items at a few of the shops at the Walt Disney World Resorts. Since many of these items are not online and they can be utilized long after your trip in your everyday lifestyle, it is worth the investment.

5. Vinylmations

Calling all collectors! Vinylmations have blown sales through the roof since they made their debut just a few years ago. Vinylmations are 3-inch Mickey Mouse figurines that are painted and made to resemble different Disney characters. There are thousands of vinylmations to choose from and while the 3-inch ones are the most popular, there are even larger vinylmations to choose from. These figurines have guests on the prowl to try to collect as many as they can before the sell out or are removed from the shelves (since some of them are limited edition). There are vinylmations online available for purchase, but you will notice that many of those online have been selling for triple the price that they are sold for at the parks because many of the limited edition ones are not available online or are very rare. While these figurines can be costly, collectors find it to be a smart investment since they can be worth more money in the future. These figurines are sold at various stores in the four Disney theme parks as well as Downtown Disney. Annual pass holders can also benefit from purchasing vinylmations with their merchandise discount.

4. Purses & Jewelry

Ok ladies, we all know how fabulous purses and jewelry can be. Disney has partnered with a few high-end vendors to create some beautiful and durable items that are versatile with any of your everyday looks. Pandora and Alex and Ani have some of the most stunning bracelets and charms I have ever seen! There are a few designs released every year so be sure to look out for the newest additions. You can find the Alex and Ani bracelets and Pandora charms at the following shop locations: Disney Outfitters (at Animal Kingdom), Mouse Gear and Heritage Manor Gifts (at Epcot), Once Upon a Time (at Hollywood Studios), Tren-D and the World of Disney Store (at Downtown Disney), and Uptown Jewelers (at Magic Kingdom). Vera Bradley and Dooney and Bourke are also partners with Disney, and they have created the most amazing handbags and purses with a plethora of different Disney designs. Choosing one of these bags is so hard because there are so many to choose from including the Disney princesses, various Mickey and Minnie Mouse themes, the Haunted Mansion wallpaper theme, and much, much more. You can find these exquisite bags for sale at various stores at the four Disney theme parks and Downtown Disney as well as selected resorts on property. Annual pass holders can enjoy their merchandise discount on these items as well. There are a limited designs available online for purchase, and you will find that several people on external websites are selling these items for more than what they sell for at the parks, so it is worth investing in while your at the Walt Disney World property (especially if you have a discount). These handbags and jewelry are so unique and they are a chic way to show off your Disney side at the parks or back at home!

3. Autograph Books

Kids love getting personalized autographs from their favorite characters. Autograph books are a great souvenir to save with your pictures. There are several stores in the four Walt Disney World theme parks, Downtown Disney, and the resorts on property that sell several themed autograph books. There are even autograph books that include a picture of the character next to where they sign their name. It’s really great to see the different fonts of writing that match the characters personality especially when they personalize their message to your little one. These books are great and affordable to collect your favorite characters autographs. Annual pass holders receive their merchandise discounts when purchasing these books.

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2. Mickey Ears

The classic souvenir since the Disney parks opened has to be a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. Today, there are hundreds of varied Mickey Ears represented by not just Mickey Mouse, but with different characters as well. There are even Mickey ears that light up simultaneously with the nighttime shows Fantasmic! (at Hollywood Studios) and Wishes (at Magic Kingdom). No matter your age or gender, you will be sure to find a pair of ears that you love and represent your personality. There are ears that represent the Disney princesses, Mickey and friends, Disney villains, Star Wars characters, and much, much more. The ears are a bit pricey, but they are made well and will last a long time with proper care. They make pictures really pop and look great when worn with your whole party. Mickey ears are sold at various stores throughout all four of the parks, Downtown Disney, and all of the resort shops. Annual pass holders can also enjoy their merchandise discount on these items.

1. Memory Maker

Pictures are worth a thousand words. They also create life long memories and are truly personal and irreplaceable. The best investment you can make for your souvenirs are through beautiful pictures taken by Disney photographers with the Memory Maker package. For one price for your entire party, you can have unlimited photos of your party with characters, on rides, while dining, at the water parks, at your resort, and anywhere else on Disney property that a Disney world photographer snaps your picture. These photos are accumulated on your magic band and you can upload them at home instantly. What is great about these photos is that your entire family can be in them (without having to ask others to take the picture), the photographers take a little more time with you when taking pictures if they are aware you have the package, and special effects are added to your photos making them more special. There are also really cool slow motion videos that are captured on Tower of Terror and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train while you’re on the ride that are incorporated into the package. The cameras used are also high quality and come out great. You may frown at the initial cost of the memory maker package, but it is the equivalent to purchasing eight photos. For this price, you get unlimited photos, which makes it well worth the investment! You can purchase memory maker prior to your trip on the Walt Disney World website or by speaking to an agent when calling Walt Disney World. There are limited discounts offered with the Memory Maker packages offered at limited and various times.

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