Top 10 Disney Souvenirs

Disney Souvenirs
Disney Souvenirs

The majority of us get suckered into buying souvenirs for our kids or even ourselves, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Disney offers some one of a kind items that you may not be able to find outside of the parks or resorts. Also, places like Downtown Disney have tons of stores filled with items that are unique to Disney World. Plus, it’s always good to have something at home that will remind you of your trip to Disney!

10. Ornaments

Many families make it a tradition to buy an ornament for each year they visit Disney. You can find Disney ornaments at Disney’s Days of Christmas in Downtown Disney and at Ye Old Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom. Each store offers tons of different Disney inspired ornaments. They even have ornaments with the year on them, so you can remember each year you visited!

9. Clothing

You can find Disney clothing just about anywhere on Disney property. From sweatshirts decorated with your favorites characters to t-shirts honoring your favorites rides and attractions, you are sure to find something that fits your Disney style! And what better way to cure your Disney blues at home, than to wear a shirt from your past trip! It’s sure to make you and everyone around you smile.

8. Coffee Mugs

Weekday morning can be rough, especially when you aren’t on vacation in the “happiest place on earth”, but what better way to cheer you up than a cup of coffee in a Disney mug? You can find Disney themed mugs at various stores throughout Walt Disney World Resort. There’s nothing better than being at Disney, but having breakfast with your new Disney mug is a great substitution!

7. Cook Books

You know that one dish from Disney World that you just can’t get enough of and crave every so often? You may not have to suffer until your next visit to have that dish! Believe it or not, you can buy cookbooks throughout Disney World that share recipes of some of our favorite meals from Downtown Disney, Disney Parks, and even Disney resorts. You may even discover something new that you can try on your next visit!

6. Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies are a fun and unique souvenir to collect on all your Disney trips. There are several locations where you can find pressed penny machines throughout the parks and resorts. You can find tons of different designs to choose from, it all depends on where you get them. It’s always fun to get one in a different design on each visit and see how many you can collect!

5. Autograph Books

Disney autograph books are a staple in any Disney World trip, especially if you have little ones. This souvenir is a little different than the other ones, since you can buy it before you arrive, but leave with something even better. There are tons of places you can buy Disney autograph books, inside and outside of the parks. Once you visit all your favorite characters and get their signatures, the book will be something you can always look back at and remember each character!

4. Music

Have you ever been driving in the car or cleaning the house and wish you were at Disney? Okay, dumb question, who doesn’t? But lucky for you, you can buy C.D.’s with some of your favorite Disney songs and take a trip down memory lane! Now you can blast Zip a Dee Doo Dah through your speakers while driving along the highway! Yes!

3. Home DĂ©cor

There’s nothing better than having a little Disney magic in your own home! Whether it’s a Mickey Mouse throw, an Epcot mug, or a Magic Kingdom picture frame, there is tons of magical Disney home décor to take home with you. Even on a bad day, Disney home décor can make you smile!

2. Ride Photos

Some of the rides throughout the Disney World parks have on ride photos than you can purchase once you get off. This is a great way to remember the fun you had on some of your favorite rides. Don’t forget to smile!

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1. Mickey Ears

This is a Disney classic. No Disney World trip would be complete without at least one pair of Mickey ears! You can even get them personalized with your name! You can find Mickey or Minnie ears in all sorts of different colors, themes, and characters. So try on a few and pick your favorite!

A lot of us go through something we like to call Disney withdrawal after we arrive home from a Disney trip. But if you happened to pick up one of these Disney souvenirs, it will make going through the withdrawal process a lot easier. Trust me, it will be worth it when you have the Disney blues!
What are some of your favorite Disney souvenirs?

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