15 Charming Facts about Magic Kingdom’s Main St. USA

Main Street USA

So, picture this, you and your family, friends, significant other, whomever you love to travel with, are all siting on the monorail. Cinderella Castle comes to view and the monorail approaches the stop to the front entrance of the Magic Kingdom. You get your bag checked and scan your magic band. You stop for a quick picture in front of the train station, and then head through the opening to, none other than, Main Street USA. Your eyes are drawn to everything, from the enormous flag rippling in the air, to the detailed buildings on either side of you, and of course, the stunning view of Cinderella Castle. Main Street USA is where it all begins and ends. Here are 15 charming facts about Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA.

15. You can Visit City Hall for all Your Needs

After walking through the opening into Main Street, you’ll notice to your left a darling little building called “City Hall.” Here you can get your pins, like your first visit, birthday, or just engaged pins. This is also the place to go if you bought something and wanted it held at the entrance, so you don’t have to walk around with it.

14. The Flags Technically aren’t Real Flags

Upon first glace, you’ll notice American flags flying high above each building along Main Street. They may seem real, but in fact, they are not. They either have one less stripe or a few less stars than the regular American Flag. This is so that they don’t have to be flown at half-staff in the event of a tragedy.

13. You can Watch Cast Members Make Treats in the Bakery

One of my favorite things to do while walking down Main Street is visit the bakery. Even if I’m not planning on getting any sweets, it’s still fun to look at them all and watch the cast members busy at work. They also have cooking/kitchen related things to buy inside! I love my Mickey measuring cups!

12. It’s on an Upward Slope

Another thing I love to do, while rather evil, is watch the people run to the castle when the gates first open. You’ll notice they have a hard time running and pushing their strollers “down” the street. Or should I say up. Main Street is actually built on an incline. So if you feel extra tired walking to the castle, you aren’t crazy, you’re literally walking up a hill!

11. The Train Station is a Perfect Place for Anything

I love sitting on top of the train station and people watching. It’s relaxing and you have a beautiful view of all of Main Street and Cinderella Castle. It’s also a great place to catch the parades and the fireworks.

10. And so are the Gift Shops

The gift shops are perfect for anything too! Whether you’re looking for purses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or even fine art, there’s a gift shop for everything! Even if you aren’t in the market for any of those things, it’s still fun to look.

9. In Fact, They’re all Connecting

The best thing about those gift shops is that they’re all connecting! Well on each side of the street of course. It’s great because you don’t have to walk in and out; it’s like one never-ending store!

8. There are a Few Really Fantastic Places to Eat

Most of Magic Kingdom’s restaurants are actually located directly on Main Street. Near the entrance, you have Tony’s Town Square, a little ways down, you have The Crystal Palace, The Plaza Restaurant, Casey’s Corner, and of course Cinderella’s Royal Table. Each are completely different from one another, but equally wonderful.

7. Look for the “Character Windows”

Circled around the gift shop is an array of windows with character scenes. During Christmas, it’s common to have Mickey’s a Christmas Carol scenes in each window. They’re really neat to look at!

6. There’s a Flag Retreat Everyday

Everyday around 5 p.m. they have a veteran accompany them in doing a flag retreat right in the middle of Main Street. We always make sure we stop and watch every time we visit.

5. The Windows Pay Homage to Imagineers

As you walk along Main Street, you’ll notice company names and names of people listed on the windows. The companies are alias company names Walt used to buy property for Walt Disney World Resort. The people names’ are names of imagineers and people who helped make Disney World what it is today.

4. It’s the Perfect Spot to Watch a Parade

Anywhere on Main Street is the perfect place to watch a parade. Whether you’re at the train station, like listed above, or sitting along the curb, you’re sure to have the perfect viewing spot for any of the parades.

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3. You can Meet Characters There

Many people get swept up in the moment and don’t notice the characters standing right in front of them. Characters like Marie and Pluto are found standing near the flag. Princess Aurora can be found near City Hall. You can also find Mickey inside the theater to the right of the entrance.

2. You can Witness Fun Shows and Performances

If you catch it at the right time, you can see a crowd favorite, The Dapper Dans. Or other favorites like the Citizens of Main Street or Casey’s Corner Pianist.

1. It’s Inspired by Walt’s Hometown

One of my favorite things, scratch that, my favorite thing about Main Street USA is that it was actually inspired by Walt’s Hometown of Marceline, MO. The town is described as a small town, with big character. And isn’t that the perfect way to describe the look and feel of Main Street?

As we conclude our tour through Main Street USA and the 15 things that make this location so charming, make sure to stop and take a look around before you leave. Take in the atmosphere and make note of all the effort and dedication that was put into making this the charming, all American place to be. Main Street USA.

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