10 Incredible Reasons You’ll Love Staying at Walt Disney World Value Resorts

All Star Movies Resort

If you’ve ever stayed on Disney property, then you’ll know how amazing it is to stay in one of their many hotels, and the best part is, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Many people aren’t aware that Walt Disney World has some amazingly reasonable value resorts that are magical and fun for the whole family! Here are just some of the reasons that you’ll love staying at these resorts:

10.) They’re so animated

Unlike many hotels you’ll go to, the Value resorts at Walt Disney World are incredibly…animated. They pop out at you with colors, giant statues, and familiar characters all over the hotels. They are designed to jump at out you and make you feel like you’re always having fun. The Pop Century resort, especially, is incredibly bright and features characters like classic Mickey and Roger Rabbit. The cast members are especially energetic and they always have a smile on their faces, and the vibe in the air makes you feel ready for an adventure!

9.) The food courts are cheap and offer plenty of options

Unlike many of the more expensive resorts, the value resorts feature enormous food courts with a very wide array of meal options. Though not super luxurious, these food courts are great for families, couples, and friends who are on a budget. Disney food is absolutely delicious, and the Value resorts do an excellent job of bringing affordable options to the table. With everything available from savory Chicken Parmesan to a fresh Salmon Burger, you will never go hungry here. Pizza delivery is also available at every hotel, and there are snack bars by the pools.

8.) The pools are all so unique

One of the perks of staying on Disney property is that you’re always guaranteed a clean, sparkling pool at your resort. These pools are not only perfectly refreshing after a hot day walking around the parks, but they’re also family friendly and have areas where even the small children have an area to wade in. Disney’s All-Star Music resort features the Calypso Pool. This pool is shaped like a guitar, and has a fountain in the center where the Three Caballeros shoot water out into the pool. Every pool at the Value resorts has a different theme; maybe you could make it your goal to swim in all of them!

7.) Value resorts still offer amazing Amenities

Many people that because they’re “Value” resorts, they lose the amazing amenities that some of the pricier & more luxurious Disney hotels offer. These people could not be more wrong. Walt Disney World is all about making their guests feel welcome and taken care of, so they still offer amazing services such as complimentary parking, park transportation, and wi-fi. Disney will also pick you up from the airport and transport you to all Value resorts. Like other hotels, the value resorts also offer child-care, laundry, and mail services. These resorts still have vacation accommodations, but with a more affordable and family friendly budget.

6.) Family Suites are offered

One of the perks of staying at the value resorts is that there are very affordable Family Suites available. These suites usually have a queen bed, a twin sleeper chair, a double-size sleeper sofa, and a twin-size ottoman. These are perfect for larger families who don’t want to have to pay an extreme amount of money to have enough room. They fit up to 6 adults, so these suites are very roomy. Offered at the a select few of the Value resorts, these rooms are reason enough to stay here. With plenty of space and Disney charm, your family can be comfortable while still being immersed in the magic.

5.) Free Magic Bands and Fastpass+

If you stay in any Disney hotel, then you are guaranteed a free Magic Band for each person in your hotel room, as well as the ability to reserve fastpasses up to 60 days before you arrive in the park. Although this is a perk for every hotel, the great part about staying at the Value Resorts is that these huge perks are included in the already low price of the hotels, meaning that your park magic can still be connected with your hotel magic!

4.) Free Parking Everywhere

Another perk of staying at the Value Resorts isn’t just the free parking at the hotel; you’re also given a pass that allows you to have free parking everywhere in Disney. This includes the big parks, Disney Springs, water parks, and all the other WDW hotels. For the price you pay to rent a Value Resort hotel room, this is an offer that feels more like a steal than anything else.

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3.) Super Nifty Arcades

Something that parents and children alike will enjoy are the arcade rooms at some of the Value Resorts. Not only is it a great way to relax and unwind with the family, but the kids will think that playing Video Games at Walt Disney World is pretty much the coolest thing ever. The arcades are not featured at most of the more expensive resorts, so for those with a big family, or those who just like to play PacMan, this is a really awesome feature available at select resorts.

2.) They’re very popular and very big

One of the reasons you should stay at the Value Resorts is that they are incredibly popular for guests on a budget, and therefore these hotels are some of the biggest on WDW property. Even if you don’t have to worry about a budget, I would stay on this property purely because of how much there is to see. There is so much to each hotel, and many people feel like these are their favorite hotels purely for that reason.

1.) They are the best for kids

The Value Resorts at Walt Disney World are pretty much made for kids. With giant Disney characters around every corner, incredibly bright designs, and family friendly settings, these resorts have been designed to keep children occupied and immersed in Disney magic. Each hotel’s theme, such as All-Star Sports, is represented in every inch of the resorts. The hotel sections, rooms, cafeterias, gift shops, and pools are all so bright and colorful, that this hotel is the one that will keep your kids excited and pumped for their day in the parks.

Overall, the Value Resorts are, without a doubt, the best bang for your buck if you’re a busy family on the go. I would recommend that everyone stay here at least once; they’re so fun and full of energy, you won’t want to miss it!

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